Paraprofessionals I

After the Block Plan was implemented in 1970, there were various studies done to determine ways to reduce the faculty work load. One result was the development of paraprofessional positions often filled by students who have just graduated. In the fall of 1973, the mathematics department hired its first paraprofessional, Jim Flanders, a mathematics graduate from the class of 1973.

Jim held office hours, conducted problem sessions, made up review sheets, helped grade student work, and arranged a few social events. Over the years, the paraprofessional has almost always been a Colorado College student (Exceptions: Mark Jones from England, Chad Kearney from the University of Colorado, Lauren Bose from Cornell College). In the first few decades, some chose to stay for more than one year in the position, but soon the practice was usually discouraged. A few times, two students have split the position between them. The paraprofessional program has proved particularly beneficial for students planning to attend graduate school; the break after their undergraduate years gives them time hone their math skills and carefully consider their career path.

(1973-1975) Jim Flanders
(1975-1978) Mark Eastman
(1978-1980) Mike Winfrey
(1980-1982) Dave Robinson
(1982-1984) Margaret Remple
(1984-1985) Pam Buck
(1985-1987) Ross Barnhart
(1987-1988) Margot Stolte and Mark Jones (from Oxford)
(1988-1989) Mary Gessley
(1989-1991) Debbie Cotten
(1991-1992) Stacy Wood
(1992-1993) Eric Schwent
(1993-1994) Sandra Gilpin
(1994-1995) Jeff Frantz


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