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Outdoor Recreation Committee

The Outdoor Recreation Committee offers student-led trips that include hiking, camping, backpacking, backcountry skiing, kayaking and whitewater rafting, and cycling during some block breaks and spring break. The ORC also runs the FOOT (First-year Outdoor Orientation Trip) program during the first block break of every year in which student leaders take first-year students on backpacking trips to a variety of locations in Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.


BreakOut is a student-led organization that develops, organizes, and implements service projects during weekends, block breaks, and spring break. Join us for one of our events to give back to the community!

The Freerider's Union of Colorado College (F.U.C.C.)

Freerider's Union of Colorado College (F.U.C.C) is dedicated to skiing, snowboarding, and merrymaking in the name of snow, gravity, and mountains. F.U.C.C is a student run organization that encourages a strong Colorado College ski and snowboard community both on campus and on the mountains. To reach out to all members of the community, F.U.C.C hosts ski and snowboard events on campus and in the mountains and encourages the community to share with them the sport that they both love.


Bike Co-op

The Bike Co-op teaches students how to perform bike maintenance and helps support the bike culture of Colorado College through events like the Full Moon Cruiser Ride.


Nordic Ski Club

The Nordic Club aims to get students off-campus and out playing in the snow. They lead trips on the weekends to the Breckenridge Nordic Center, where beginners can rent gear cheaply and get instruction from experienced student leaders.