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Campus Map

#buildingCategoryList('generalCollegeFacilities' 'Academic & Administrative Buildings' 'ccmap-bldng-aa')
#buildingCategoryList('residenceHallshouses' 'Student Campus Residences & Houses' 'ccmap-bldng-rhh') #buildingCategoryList('residenceHallslanguageHouses' 'Campus Language Houses' 'ccmap-bldng-lh') #buildingCategoryList('fraternitiessororities' 'Sorority & Fraternity Houses' 'ccmap-bldng-fs') #buildingCategoryList('facultystaffHousing' 'Faculty & Staff Campus Housing' 'ccmap-bldng-fsh') #buildingCategoryList('campusGreenspaceAndSportsFields' 'Campus Greenspace and Sports Fields' 'ccmap-bldng-green')

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NOTE: The CC campus is smoke- and tobacco-free.

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