My Favorite Places

by Noah Smith '20


There is no shortage of beautiful places on Colorado College's campus. Whether it be Armstrong Quad in mid-September or atop Washburn field gazing upon Pikes Peak after a snow- CC has an abundance of alluring spots. There is one, however, that holds a special place in my heart. There is nowhere I'd rather be than behind McGregor Hall at the Ritt Kellogg Table on a summer evening with a classic Colorado sunset to adore.

MyfavoriteplaceNoahThe warm air wraps around you like a blanket while the sky erupts with cascading hues of purple and orange as the sun slowly sets behind Pikes Peak. I sit at the bean-shaped table, smiling and thankful, whether I find myself alone or with my close friends.

This spot is more than just a pretty view to me. I reminisce about my first block at CC when the class was held there for the day. It was my first exposure to the table and I found myself in a constant state of admiration. It embodies everything I love about the CC community. We are thinkers and we are communicators. You can share this spot by yourself or with an entire group. Regardless, when I'm there, I'm either reflecting or gaining new perspectives. It's where I go if I'm happy. It's where I go if I'm sad. It's whatever I need it to be and I love it.

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Other CC Student Favorites

Study Spots

  • The "fishbowl" in Olin Hall
  • Tutt Library (the Lincoln Room, the Retro Room, study carrels)
  • The labyrinth outside Shove Chapel
  • Upstairs Worner

Pretty Places

  • View from the roof of Shove Chapel
  • Stewart Field hills near the Preserve
  • Benches in front of Ticknor
  • Patrick Dougherty's woven tree sapling sculptures outside Armstrong Hall

Go-to Hang-Outs

  • Residence Halls (lounges & dorm rooms)
  • Armstrong Quad
  • The flagpole outside Worner Campus Center
  • Yampa Field

Quiet Corners

  • Benches behind McGregor
  • Grassy clearings west of faculty housing
  • Cossitt Amphitheatre
  • Soccer dugouts at night