Shorter Term Faculty 1999 - 2003

Peter Staab (1999-2002)
Jennifer Courter (1999-2000)
Doug Larmour (1999-2001)
Don Taylor (Part Time)
Sunita Vatuk (2000-2002)
Joel Glenn (2001-2002)
Travis Kowalski (2002-2004)
Josh Laison (2002-)
Wojciech Kosek (2003-)

Further Details:

Peter Staab (B.A. University of Utah 1992, M.S. University of Colorado (Boulder) 1996, Ph.D. University of Colorado (Boulder) 1998.) Professor Staab joined the department to bolster the applied mathematics offerings. He quickly jumped in to help with the Mathematical Modeling team, and was the team advisor/sponsor for the 2001 national contest. Peter taught numerical analysis, and developed a strong interest in computer science. He was key in easing the transition to JAVA in the Spring and Fall of 2001.
Jennifer Courter Jennifer Coutier (M.A., Ph.D. University of Colorado at Boulder 1999), an analyst studying wavelets, taught at the college for a year. She and Professor Merrill shared the same thesis advisor (Larry Baggett) at Boulder. Jennifer left the college for a tenure track position at the California State University at Hayward.
Doug Larmour (M.A. Temple, Ph.D. New Mexico State University 1999), an algebraist, taught for two years at the college before accepting a position at New College in Florida.
Don Taylor Don Taylor (Ph.D. in functional analysis from the University of Kentucky in 1967), taught at the University of Mississippi and Louisiana State University and then retired from Montana State University in 1999. He taught one or two blocks a year at CC during the years 1999 - 2001.
Sunita Vatuk came to the college as a visitor in the fall of 2000; the Music Department had hired her husband David Claman for a one-year position and alerted the Math Department that Sunita would welcome a position as well. She was in the middle of completing her Ph.D. degree from Princeton University in differential geometry. Sunita was immediately at home in the department where she started a relativity seminar and sparked renewed interest in geometry among the students and faculty.
Joel Glenn began teaching at the college in the fall of 2001 as a one year replacement. He earned his B.S. degree from the University of Kentucky in 1992 after earning an earlier degree in philosophy. He did his doctorate degree in mathematics at the University of Colorado in Boulder, finishing in 2001. Joel studies applications of wavelets and shows very few signs of his earlier inclination to be a preacher.


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