Shorter Term Faculty 1949 - 1973

Andra Dea Marshall (1949-1953)
Peter Lee Besag (1954-1955)
Jesse Hawkes (1955-1956)
Egbert J. Miles (1957-1961)
Laurel Rogers (1960-1961)
Ronald Bierstedt (1961-1962)
A.R. Brown (1962-1963)
Sandy Hilt (1965-1970)
Bernard H. Gundlach (1967-1974)
Gary Bitters (1967-1970)
James T. Wood (1970-1977)
John M. Karon (1971-1977)
Bill Ramaley (1971-1973)

Further Details:

  • Jesse Hawkes joined the college in 1948 and was primarily the chapel organist!
  • Laurel Rogers earned her B.A. from Colorado College in 1960 (graduating Summa Cum Laude). She had earlier married a fellow math major, Pete Ruch, so she was know as Laurel Ruch when the department hired her to teach during the 1960-61 academic year. After completing Ph.D. coursework from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, she worked part time at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs while finishing her dissertation. She landed a regular position at UCCS in 1977 and after a successful career retired in 1998. Her son, David, also has a Ph.D. in mathematics.
  • Ronald Bierstadt graduated from Colorado College in 1958.
  • Sandy Hilt joined the mathematics department at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs after leaving Colorado College. In 1998, she retired after a successful career. She is married to Dick Hilt, a professor in the physics department at the Colorado College.
  • Bernard Gundlach held the position of adjunct professor of mathematics. A native of Germany, he earned a Ph.D. in the philosophy of mathematics and science. After leaving Germany early in the Nazi regime, he began discovering his interests in the teaching of mathematics. He developed a national reputation in the United States for his work in mathematics education before visiting Colorado College for a public lecture in 1964. He agreed to teach a summer course for prospective teachers and soon he relocated.
  • Gary Bitters worked with Bill Gateley to write the proposal that led to the college's first computer.
  • James Wood went on to work for Ford Aerospace after leaving Colorado College.
  • John Karon made his way to a position at the Centers for Disease Control after leaving Colorado College.
  • Bill Ramaley moved on to Fort Lewis College in Colorado.


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