Shorter Term Faculty 1874 - 1925

Sanford Robinson (1874)
Jesse Roberts (1889-1890)
Benjamin Carter (1889-1891)
P.E.Doudna (1896-1900)
Anna Parry (1901-1902)
George Price (1902-1903)
Edit Hubbard (1902-1907)
William Birchby (1904-1907)
Grace Barker (1905-1906)
William Flaherty (1913-1914)
Charles Barnhart (1917-1918)
Adelaide Denis (1918-1919)
Wilhelmina Spingler (1921-1922)
Albert Wapple (1922-1926)
Flora Mierow (1924-1925)


Mathematics teaching at Colorado College has also been handled by faculty other than those specially appointed for the purpose. Some mathematics courses in the 1920's were taught by the professor of forestry, for example. When Florian Cajori was in Europe during 1914 (to participate in the tercentenary celebrations of Napier's logarithms), he left his mathematics teaching in the charge of Albert Ellingwood, who had recently joined the faculty as an assistant professor of political science. Ellingwood (1887-1934) was an outstanding CC graduate of the class of 1910, and was then a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford. He was a member of the faculty from 1914 to 1919, when he moved on in the post-Slocum diaspora and was professor of political science at the University of Illinois at the time of his death.

Further Details:

  • Adelaide Denis earned her masters degree in mathematics from the Colorado College.
Wilhelmina Spingler
B.A. Colorado College 1921
Albert Wapple
B.A. University of California 1914
M.A. 1915



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