Department Paraprofessionals II

From the beginning in 1973, the paraprofessional position in the department filled by a recent graduate continued to be a successful part of the department program. The paraprofessional's office was a common gathering place both for students currently taking mathematics courses and for math majors or other students just interested in the department. More and more the social activities in the department centered around the current paraprofessional.

In 1995, the department was granted permission to add a paraprofessional in computer science to help administer the mathematics lab and to help with the computer science courses. This position was eventually converted in the fall of 2001 to a full-time Technical Director position.

(1995-1996) Jennifer Cole (M)
Karen Heasley (CS)
(1996-1997) Karen Kowalski (M)
Melissa Hall (CS)
(1997-1998) Barry Balof (M)
(No CS this year.)
(1998-1999) Lee Groom (M)
Chad Kearney (CS) (from University of Colorado )
(1999-2000) Cayman Seacrest (M)
Jennifer Beaudin (CS)
(2000-2001) Kagen Schaefer (M)
Jennifer Beaudin (CS)
(2001-2002) Arden Rzewnicki(M) & Jesse Howard(M)
Amy Pacheco (CS Technical Director)
(2002-2003) Yoko Shimizu
(2003-2004) Josh King
(2004-2005) Felissa Jacobson-Sadacca
(2005-2006) Rahbar Virk
(2006-2007) Benjamin Thomas and Courtney Gibbons
(2007-2008) Lauren Bose (from Cornell College)


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