Professor Wilson Gateley

Years at the college: 1956 - 1975

B.A. Colorado College 1948
M.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1956
Ph.D. Oklahoma State University 1962

Wilson Gateley grew up in Colorado Springs, attended Cheyenne Mountain High School, and after two years service in the Navy (during World War II) earned his B.A. degree from Colorado College. After a brief high-school teaching assignment in Colorado, Professor Lovitt persuaded him to apply to M.I.T. for graduate work. After earning a M.S. degree, Gateley accepted a position in the mathematics department at the Colorado College. He came with a strong interest in applied mathematics, having had experience as a field engineer for Bendix Radio. Both mathematical statistics and game theory were his specialties. He was awarded an NSF fellowship in 1960 and two years later left the college briefly to finish his Ph.D at Oklahoma State University.

Gateley was chair of the department from 1965 to 1969 and during this time his interest in computing grew. Twice in three years he worked up a proposal (with colleague Gary Bitters) for the college to buy a computer. The second proposal finally convinced the administration and in 1971, the college bought its first computer. Gateley split his time between teaching and directing the new computer center.

In the early 1970's, Gateley grew weary of teaching and in 1975 he decided to continue his career in industry. He left the college for a position at the high technology design firm, Kaman Sciences. After a few years, he moved to New York where his family helped him build their own house in the woods. Gateley passed away on Dec. 25, 2016

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