Professor Guy Albright

Professor Guy AlbrightYears at the college: 1907 - 1946

B.Phil. Michigan 1899
B.A., M.A. Harvard 1900, 1913


Guy Harry Albright (1876-1964) was born in Lamar, Mo, and educated at the universities of Michigan and Harvard. After doing some graduate work in engineering at the Polytechnic Institute in Brooklyn between 1904 and 1907, he came to Colorado College (at the time of Frank Loud's retirement) as instructor in mathematics and astronomy. In 1913 he was the Harvard exchange professor, and during the troubles following the end of President Slocum's reign in 1917 the trustees unsuccessfully asked him to resign (the issues are discussed in more detail elsewhere and in a letter written by Albright to Peck). Professor Albright was an approachable teacher and during the twenties, when most men were clean-shaven, the students affectionately nicknamed him "Fuzzy." From 1923 to 1930 he was Director of the Summer School. He had a number of administrative roles as well as teaching mathematics and astronomy, being Chapel Officer, Secretary of the College from 1923 to 1936, and Faculty Marshal from 1932 to 1946. Eventually, the college recognized his teaching and service by bestowing an honorary DSc. degree in 1932.


Albright in 1917

According to Charlie Brown Hershey, who must have attended many an academic function with him, "Professor Albright's meticulous care in all of his work was most obviously expressed in his organization and conduct of formal academic occasions. His regard for detail always resulted in a perfectly coordinated performance." By the time he retired in 1946, after forty years at Colorado College, he was one of the College's longest ever serving faculty members, and the Trustees thanked him profusely for his lifetime of service in glowing terms: "Colorado College has been strengthened in its instruction and in its public relations by the devotion and loyalty of Dr Albright to the highest ideals of a scholar and a gentleman."

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