CCSGA-Appointed Students On Campus Committees

The Colorado College Faculty Handbook establishes Standing Committees (commonly referred to as Campus Committees or All-College Committees). Students are currently allowed membership on eight committees, as seen below. During 7th block of each academic year, CCSGA invites any student to apply to serve on a Campus Committee. Students need not be a member of CCSGA to apply. After receiving applications, the CCSGA Outreach Committee appoints students to Campus Committees for the following academic year. View the full list of all committees and their faculty members here.

Academic Year 2019-2020 

Curriculum Executive Committee: Chris Maurice ’20, Theodore Weiss ’21, Deksyos Damtew ’22

Committee on Instruction: Sophie Cardin ’22, Liam Reynolds ’21

Vice Provost Advisory Committee: Emma Fetterly ’20, Sierra Romero '22

Information Technology and Library Board: Taylor Hawkins ’21, Josie McCauley ’22

Budget Committee: Remy Wells ’20, Natalie Gubbay ’20

NCAA-Required Institutional Athletics Board: Gabrielle Jadotte ’22

Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum: Melanie Mandell ’20, Elias Asher ’21

Design Review Board: Bradley Bollag-Miller ’21, Emma Brossman ’20  

Students Appointed to Temporary Committees and Task Forces

Innovation Building Team: Jose Monge Castro '20 and Lauren Weiss '21  

Climate Change Task Force: Lily Weissgold '20, Ethan Greenberg '20, Noah Hirshorn '20

Foreign Language Task Force: Evva Parsons '20

Science Visioning Committee: Elias Mondaca '21 and Madie Alexander '20

Pathfinder Process Committee

Committee on Student Community Standards:

Diana Borrego '22, Dalles Tranquille '23, Mataan Peer '21, Rachel Powers '20, Eric Snyder '21, Albert Lo '23, Kat Gruschow '22, Karla Iruegas '21, Miles Marshall '21, Nicolette Gordillo-LaRiviere '21, Daniel de Koning '23

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