Full Council 2021-2022

Student Body President

Deksyos Damtew


Internal Affairs Committee

Doré Young (Vice President, Fall 2021)
Ommay Khyr (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Lead)
Sophie Cardin (Class Representative)
Jordan Bates (Class Representative)
Tess Rittenberg (Class Representative)


Student Life Committee

Al Lo (Vice President, Fall 2021)
Jonn Le (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Lead)
Brooke Miller (Class Representative)
Siena Emuobor (Class Representative)
Samwel Makyao (Class Representative)
Reign La France (Class Representative)


Outreach Committee

Alanna Jackson (Vice President)
Zianah Griffin (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Lead)
Kendall Accetta (Class Representative)
Julieta Lechini (Class Representative)
Surakchya Risal (Class Representative)
Yen-Han Chen (Class Representative)


Inclusion Committee

Misbah Lakhani (Vice President)
Wiktoria Grzech (Inclusion Representative)
Fargol Yeganeh Fathi (Inclusion Representative)
Daisy Gomez Rivera (Inclusion Representative)
Nova Yu (Inclusion Representative)


Finance Committee

Lilly Davis (Vice President)
Vicente Taijeron (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Lead)
James Hanafee (Finance Representative)
Ben Greenly (Finance Representative)
Gina Jeong (Finance Representative)
Owen Rask (Finance Representative)


Class Representatives

Sophie Cardin (Senior Representative)
Brooke Miller (Senior Representative)
Kendall Accetta (Junior Representative)
Jordan Bates (Junior Representative)
Julieta Lechini (Sophomore Representative)
Yen-Han Chen (Sophomore Representative)
Tess Rittenberg (First-Year Representative)
Surakchya Risal (First-Year Representative)
Siena Emuobor (First-Year Represenative) 
Reign La France (First-Year Representative)


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leads

Al Lo 
Mika Alexander
John Le
Zianah Monroe



Jane Abbott (Parliamentarian)
Lucy Flanagan (Office Manager)


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