Student Life

About Us:

The Student Life Committee's primary purpose is to help transform student ideas and concerns into tangible policies and actions that support, facilitate, and enhance student life at Colorado College. We strive to increase CCSGA's role in the student body as a whole, and to make a more cohesive and structured system of updating leadership transitions/reviewing applications for recognized student organizations. We are familiar with the student organizations on campus and update their leadership as their co-chairs shift, adding new leaders to our spreadsheets and making sure their transitions are noted on the website. Additionally, members of the committee undertake their own initiatives that they believe will better serve the needs of the student body. This mainly applies to different aspects of student life, including food security and housing concerns.


What do we do?

  • We are working to create a more efficient club application process for upcoming clubs, as well as serving on the Food Advisory Board Committee on behalf of the student body.
  • We help Campus Activities with hosting Campus Activities Night as well as keeping up to date with CCSGA recognized groups.
  • We continue to encourage collaboration between student organizations in event planning and hope all groups take advantage of the resources that CCSGA can offer to groups.​


Student Life Committee Members:

Al Lo (VP of Student Life)

Brooke Miller

John Lê

Reign La France

Siena Emubor

Samwel Makyao


Email the Vice-President of Student Life, Al Lo, at


- Restructuring the student organization application process

- Working with Residential Life and Facilities to implement disposal systems for menstrual products in dorms

- Addressing food security and concerns with Bon Appétit






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