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Student Life

About Us:

The Student Life Committee's primary purpose is to help transform ideas and concerns of students into tangible policies that support, facilitate, and enhance student life at Colorado College. We strive to create comprehensive co-chair/student leadership trainings that are mandatory for student leaders of approved groups, to encourage collaboration between student organizations, to increase CCSGA's role in the student body as a whole, and to make a more cohesive and structured system of updating leadership transitions/reviewing applications for recognized student organizations. We are familiar with the student organizations on campus and update their leadership as their co-chairs shift, adding new leaders to our spreadsheets and making sure their transitions are noted on the website. Additionally, members of the committee undertake their own initiatives that they believe will better serve the needs of the student body. Applications for all currently approved groups to remain active for the upcoming year are submitted during 6th block and we will review all active and inactive student groups at that point.


What do we do?

We are working to create a more efficient club application process, ensuring that CCSGA has a weekly article in the Catalyst, and serving on the Food Advisory Board Committee on behalf of the student body. We host Campus Activities Night as well as leadership training sessions for co-chairs of CCSGA recognized groups. We continue to encourage collaboration between student organizations in event planning and hope all groups take advantage of the resources that CCSGA can offer to groups.​


Student Life Committee Members:

Sajula Siwakoti: VP of Student Life



Liam Reynolds (he/him/his) is a junior sociology major from Concord, Massachusetts. When not legislating, Liam works with the Public Achievement Program at North Middle School. He does not like banana laffy taffies.

Grace Hoffer Gittell (she, her, hers) is a Senior Political Science Major. She was born and raised in Portsmouth, New Hampshire which is where, as the First in the Nation Primary, her interest in political campaigns was sparked. In her free time, Grace teaches Group Fitness classes at the Fitness Center and spends time with friends.

CCSGA Weekly Catalyst Column: Questions?

Tronik Pallás is a sophomore from México. She is undeclared but thinking about double majoring in political science and psychology. She loves lots of thing, unfortunately one of them is not writing bios.

Food Advisory Committee: Questions?

Joshua Luckey '23 (they/them/theirs) is a first-year from Phoenix, AZ. They are majoring in Physics and double-minoring in Math and Linguistics. Outside of CCSGA, they are involved in BSU, NASU, Mixed Kids Club, Environment Colorado, and Sunrise. Joshua's primary goals for student government are increasing student equity and campus sustainability.


Email the Vice-President of Student Life, Fran Grandonico at

Grace Hoffer Gittell

Joshua Luckey (

Tronik (


- Restructuring the student organization application process

- Reforming campus security's policy for off-campus parties

- Pushing towards optional apartment meal plan for east campus small house residents (Fleming & Salazar) juniors and seniors





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