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    Special Events Funding


    Due to Covid-19, all special events on-campus for 7th and 8th block have been cancelled. If you would like to apply for Special Events Funding for a virtual event, please reach out to Remy Wells, VP of Finance, at for more information.



    Apply For Special Events Funding


    Step 1: Please be sure to contact all necessary parties before applying for funds (i.e., room reservations, contracts with Campus Activities, security with Campus Safety, and consulting fundraising policies, etc.) and keep your advisor informed. You must attend the Student Events Summit before meeting with the Finance Committee for a funding appointment. Events Summit is held each Tuesday from 1-2pm in Worner 212. Email Antonio Soto or Amy Hill of Campus Activities to book a spot at Events Summit. If your event is over $5,000, you MUST acquire green event certification. Please look over this handbook before you go to events summit. Please direct any green events questions to

    Step 2: Schedule an appointment with the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee meets 1st and 3rd week onWednesdays from 5-6 pm and Thursdays from 4-5pm. If you or another member of your student group cannot make these meeting times please reach out to ccsgafincom@gmail.comPlease book an appointment for at least two weeks before the date of your proposed event, and four weeks in advance for events over $5,000. Please book an appointment at least 24 hours prior to the meeting time. An appointment takes about 10 minutes. To book an appointment, email

    Please note that CCSGA does not cover reimbursement costs if your event has already taken place.

    Step 3: Please fill out this form providing your contact information and basic information about your event:

    Step 4: Please write a budget for your event and be as detailed as possible. Break down the cost of each line item. Please share your budget with prior to your appointment.

    Provided here is a template to help you create your budget: . Please open the form, make a copy of the template, fill out this copy and share it with

    You are now ready to come in for your appointment. Events under $5,000 must only meet with the Finance Committee before receiving their awarded funding amount. For events over $5,000, you must first meet with the finance committee, and then also present your event and budget to CCSGA full council, which meets 1-3rd week at 7pm on Thursdays in the Yalich boardroom of the Spencer center.