Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs runs CCSGA and Student Trustee elections, holds members of the Full and Executive Councils accountable to the Constitution and Bylaws, and takes responsibility for reporting CCSGA affairs to the student body. Members of the committee play an active role in the passing of amendments and send "blockly" reports to the student body.

Want to voice a student concern?

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Our Current Projects:

  • Internal Affairs will be creating and supervising an ad hoc committee to re-envision the Heads of State positions since the restructuring of the Butler Center advisee groups. The reimagined positions will continue to safeguard a structural commitment to students of diverse backgrounds as well as inclusive work within CCSGA.
  • CCSGA is revamping its social media presence this block. Look out for us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!
  • Internal Affairs is preparing an archiving program with Tutt Library so that current CCSGA members and student body constituents will have access to our records.
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