Meal Plan Questions

Am I required to be on a meal plan?

All students living on campus are required to purchase a meal plan each semester. The only exceptions are for students living in off-campus housing, cottage housing, and Synergy House. All students living in traditional halls, small houses, and language houses are required to be on the FULL MEAL PLAN, and students living in student apartments, East Campus apartments, and fraternities are required to be on the APARTMENT MEAL PLAN. Click here to view more detail about meal plans.

How does the meal plan work?

  • The meal plan per semester cost plus the infrastructure fee is charged to each student's account along with their tuition and housing costs for that semester.
  • Your Gold Card is loaded with the meal plan dollars allocated for your specific meal plan prior to your arrival on campus. An infrastructure fee of $350 per semester is part of the meal plan expense and is non-refundable. This fee is used for the purchase of cooking equipment, supplies, and improvements to the kitchens and serving areas.
  • When a student uses a Gold Card for meals, the card reader will identify whether the student is on the full meal plan or the apartment meal plan based on the amounts loaded onto the card. If the cost of a meal is $8.25, the system deducts that amount from the meal plan dollars that the student has received on the Gold Card. Deductions from the re-loaded meal plan dollars continue as the student makes additional meal purchases.

To summarize, the meal plan expense (what you paid for the meal plan) is charged to your student account. The actual dollars you receive from this plan are loaded to your Gold Card and tracked in Student Link. This is a different software system than your student account. Meal plan money is deducted with each sales transaction and tracked separately from your student account.

I have heard about Tiger Bucks being used for a meal plan. What is this?

Tiger Bucks is the meal plan dollars allocated for each plan. This is the same as your meal plan dollars. One Tiger Buck equals $1.00.

Where can I use Tiger Bucks/meal plan dollars?

Tiger Bucks can be used at all on-campus restaurants (Rastall, Benjamin's, The Preserve, Local Goods, Colorado Coffee, Susie B's, The Picnic Box, and Taste Restaurant at the FAC). 

Can I spend Tiger Bucks/meal plan dollars in the bookstore?

No. Although the bookstore does carry food, they do not accept Tiger Bucks as a form of payment. However, they will accept Gold Card Plus funds.

Will Tiger Bucks/meal plan dollars carry over into next semester?

Yes. Tiger Bucks from the fall semester will carry over to the spring semester. A new meal plan for the spring semester will be added to the student's Gold Card. All Tiger Bucks expire at the end of the spring semester.

What is the difference between Tiger Bucks/meal plan dollars and Gold Card Plus?

Tiger Bucks is the Gold Card dollars loaded for each meal plan. If you are utilizing a meal plan, you have Tiger Bucks loaded on your Gold Card.

Students can only use Gold Card Plus if they have pre-funded their card. To pre-fund your Gold Card, go to Student Link via Single Sign In. Click on Gold Card Management. Gold Card Plus funds can be used at the CC bookstore, Mail Services, Campus Safety, FAC, and Outdoor Recreation Center.  It is also accepted at a few off campus locations.

I live off-campus or in cottage housing. Can I add a meal plan?

Yes, please email the Student Accounts office at or visit us in Spencer Center, 1st Floor, Suite #116.

Who do I pay for the meal plan?

The meal plan expense is charged to your student account and is paid along with the tuition and room fees owed for the semester. Please visit this page to see the list of payment methods. The meal plan cost should reflect on your fall invoice/billing statement, which can be viewed online in early August for the fall semester and early January for the spring semester.

How can I get a printout of my meal plan sales?

Go to Student Link via Single Sign In. Click on Gold Card Management tab. A student may authorize their parents to view their meal plan activity via the Student Link site.

I am taking a leave of absence for more than one block during the semester. How does this affect my meal plan?

You must request a leave of absence (LOA) through the Student Opportunities & Advising Hub. Please check with that office for deadlines. All LOAs must be requested and approved prior to the absence. Refunds are given on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed.

I will be going abroad. How does this affect my meal plan?

Please ensure that you have been approved for your Study Abroad program.

  • If your program is a full semester there will be no meal plan expense.
  • If your program is a half-semester you will be charged for and expected to pay for a full semester meal plan based on your housing assignment. 
  • If you are going abroad for one block you will be charged for and expected to pay for a full semester meal plan based on your housing assignment. One block of your meal plan will be refunded to you a week prior to your departure date to be used for travel expenses. If you do not have the equivalent of one block we will refund what you have available at that time.  If you do not have a meal plan, no refund will be issued.

I have special dietary needs or require a meal plan exemption. Who do I talk to?

Reach out to Accessibilities Resources, Housing & Residential Experience or Chaplain's Office.

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