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    Gold Card Plus

    Add money to your Gold Card (CC ID) here.

    Gold Card Plus Account

    When funded, the Gold Card acts as a debit card on campus; however, this card does not have an interest rate or the potential for students to get in over their heads financially. Each purchase is automatically deducted from the account balance, so students do not have to worry about carrying cash to take care of the little things that occur during the day.

    The Gold Card Plus Account is used to purchase goods and services on campus. It is not your Student Account. Located in the Spencer Center, 1st Floor, Room 116, Student Accounts is where all tuition, housing, meal plan and other educational fee payments are received and recorded.

    The Gold Card is accepted at all on campus locations including; Rastall Dining Hall, Benji's, Preserve, Colorado Coffee, Local Goods, Worner Desk, Mail Room, the Colorado College Bookstore, and other Non-Meal Plan Restaurants.

    The Gold Card is not an ATM/Cash card. Refunds are given only at the end of the year(when requested). Exceptions are made for students who withdraw, transfer or graduate from the college.  To request a refund, contact the Student Accounts Office. The balance will be transferred to Student Account and is first applied to any debts owed Colorado College. Credit is then disbursed by check or direct deposit in 5 to 7 business days.

    Due to federal banking regulations, students may not use Gold Card Plus Account funds to make tuition or class deposit payments. Due to copyright laws, students are not allowed to use their Gold Card Plus Account to purchase printed materials directly from professors/departments. The Colorado College Bookstore will carry all printed materials required for a class, or the bookstore textbook coordinator can place a special order.

    All transactions occur online and in real time. The Student Accounts Office has a record of each transaction, location where purchase occurred, and type of tender used (i.e., meals or Gold Card Plus).  Students can view each transaction, location where purchase occurred, and type of tender used online via Student Link (Access Single Sign In and click on the Gold Card Management Tab). Statements of the Gold Card account are available to students upon request.

    Students also have the ability to use their gold card plus money at authorized off campus locations. Approved locations:

    7 Eleven, 825 N. Nevada Street

    7 Eleven, 310 W. Uintah Street

    La'aus Taco Shop, 830 N. Tejon Street

    Wooglins Deli and Café, 823 N. Tejon Street

    Dale Street Bistro Café, 115 E. Dale Street

    Bingo Burger, 132 N. Tejon Street

    Safeway, 1920 S. Nevada Street

    Safeway, 2210 N. Wahsatch Avenue

    Paninos Restaurant, 604 N. Tejon Street

    Azada Mexican Grill, 16 E. Bijou Street

    To deposit money into the gold card plus account, please go to the above link and use a credit card to load $$.  Credit cards accepted VISA, MC, AMEX and Discover.

    A minimum of $20 is required.



    Spencer Center, 1st Floor, Room 116
    14 E. Cache La Poudre Street
    Colorado Springs, CO 80903

    Phone: (719) 389-6698
    Fax: (719) 389-6932

    9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mon-Fri