Tuition Policy 2023-24

Enrollment Expectation

All matriculated students are expected to be enrolled full time and making normal progress toward a degree unless arrangements for an exception are made with the Student Opportunities and Advising Hub. Normal progress toward a degree is defined as earning at least 3 units per semester. Failure to make normal progress may result in academic suspension and jeopardize financial aid.

Note: Students who enroll in 3 or more blocks during a semester are charged full tuition. There is no refund for taking one block off.

A student who must interrupt or reduce enrollment due to illness or other extenuating circumstances may seek approval from the Student Opportunities & Advising Hub for less than full-time status.

Special Students and Part Time Students

Tuition and fees are calculated differently for special students and pre-approved part time students. For special or part time students taking two or fewer blocks, semester tuition and fees for individual blocks are charged at the per-block rate of $11,322, one-third of the semester rate. Adjunct courses (.25 unit of credit) cost $2,830.50 per course.  Extended format courses (.5 unit of credit) cost $5,661 per course.  Audited courses cost the full tuition charge.


Half Block

Half Block is a 0.5 unit course offered at the beginning of spring semester. If a student is enrolled full time in spring semester, Half Block does not carry a tuition charge. If a student is part time during spring semester, Half Block is charged as the half unit course fee of $5,661.

For financial aid purposes, Half Block is part of spring semester. If a student is not taking three other units in the spring, Half Block will be added to the student's enrollment to determine their federal aid eligibility. No CC financial aid will be offered for enrollment in Half Block, however.

Refund Policy

A student who withdraws after two blocks of a semester have passed, or who receives an emergency leave of absence at any time during the semester, may qualify for a refund of tuition and fees based on the per block rate. For example, after one block, 2/3 of the full semester charge is refundable; after two blocks, 1/3 is refundable. Meal plan charges for students living on campus are pro-rated based on the blocks attended, but meal plan usage at the time of departure may reduce that refund. The meal plan administrative fee is not refundable. Room charges are not refundable.  Students who are suspended from Colorado College or take one block off are not entitled to tuition, housing, or meal plan refunds.

A request to petition for a refund should be made to the Student Accounts Policy Committee. All appeals must be submitted in writing to  The committee's decision is final.

Per federal policy, the college is required to inform families about all the expenses they need to budget for, but, CC may not charge them for.  Please visit the following webpage for budgeted expenses:

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