Student Account Questions

What is a student account?

All students at CC are assigned a student account to track campus fees. Tuition, housing, meal plan, health insurance premium (if applicable) and other miscellaneous fees are posted to the student account. Payments made toward campus fees are shown as credits on your student account. If you receive a financial aid award, the funds are credited to the student account.

Please remember:
- Work study may be part of your financial aid award, but this amount is not credited to the student account. Work study is an on campus job for which you receive a paycheck.
- Financial aid awards and loans are not posted until all appropriate paperwork, correspondence and online check-in each semester is completed.

When will I receive my paper invoice and/or billing statements?

CC DOES NOT mail paper bills. Fall semester billing statements will be available online via our online billing site at the beginning of August and the beginning of January for the spring semester. Please make sure that you are registered on the online billing site. Once you have logged in to the billing/payment portal email notifications will be sent when a bill is ready to be viewed online.

Monthly statements are typically created around the 10th of each month and are available online. If you have an unpaid balance you will receive an email notification. You can access ALL bills (current and past) online via our online billing site.

What does the "balance forward" mean on my monthly statement?

The balance forward reflects charges that have been previously billed and have not yet been paid.

Do you accept credit cards?

No. Credit and debit card payments are not accepted for student account balances.

I have a credit balance on my student account. What do I need to do to receive a refund?

Nothing. We automatically refund credit balances. Credit balance refunds are sent to the student at their on-campus box (located in the mail services office) or by direct deposit (if student has completed the official paperwork). If students are away for the semester, the refund check is sent to their permanent mailing address. If a student wants their credit balance to remain on their student account or sent to another party, they need to contact our office in writing; e-mails are acceptable. Students will need to notify us of this change during the first week of school for each semester.  To receive "refunds" as direct deposit, please contact the Accounts Payable office at 719-389-6782.

Why do students receive all student account correspondence?

Due to FERPA regulations, students are held accountable for all aspects of their student account. Students will receive all written and email correspondence from the billing office at their CC email account. If you do not wish to receive this correspondence, please notify the Student Accounts Office in writing at

How do I change my address or parent address?

All address changes should be communicated in writing to the Registrar's Office at

What payment options exist to pay my student account?

  • payment in full or
  • internal payment plan option. Click on the tuition payment plan link in the menu at the top of this page for more information on specific enrollment and due dates.
  • You may also contact the Student Accounts Office for more information, Please call 719-389-6698 or email

Can I use the payment plan to pay for my summer tuition balance?

No. We do not offer payment plans for summer balances.

What if my account is not paid by the deadlines?

Student account balances that are not paid by the deadlines will result in the student being placed on financial probation, which may lead to financial suspension. Suspension means the student's courses are dropped, room reservations are forfeited, and the student is suspended from the college. Please reference CC's Financial Obligations for more information.

What is the difference between my student account and the Gold Card Plus account?

The student account is an account where a student's educational fees are posted and billed. If you receive financial aid, this is where the financial aid is credited. The student account also reflects payments made for campus fees.

The Gold Card Plus account is a pre-paid account, which can be used on campus for a variety of things such as purchases in the bookstore, laundry facilities, vending machines, Fine Arts Center performances, and extracurricular activities, to name a few. It can also be used to make purchases at a select list of off-campus establishments.

Your student account and your Gold Card Plus account are tracked in different systems.

If I have a credit balance in my Gold Card Plus account can I receive a check for that amount or can I transfer this credit to my student account?

No. Once money is paid to the Gold Card Plus account, the money remains on this account until you leave the college. If you do not use all the Gold Card Plus funds in one semester, these dollars will roll over to the next semester.

I have a credit in my student account. Can I transfer this credit to my Gold Card Plus account?

Yes. Please contact the Student Accounts Office.

Can I receive an anticipated credit balance that will post to my student account before I leave for a Study Abroad program?

Yes. Please contact the Financial Aid Office to begin the process of receiving a credit that has not yet posted to your account. Please call 719-389-6651 or email

What miscellaneous charges are assessed to the student account?

Some examples of miscellaneous charges are: library fines, arts and crafts course fees, music lessons, dorm damage, health service fees and departmental/course-related fees.

I don't agree with a charge assessed to my student account. Whom do I contact?

Please contact the department for which the charge was originated. The Student Accounts office posts fees at the request of departments across campus and cannot remove or waive those fees without direction from those departments. We can only direct you to the appropriate office so you can ask about the fee in question.

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Make a Tuition Payment

For instructions, please see:
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