CC Mediterranean Semester


The Fall 2019 Mediterranean Semester provides a unique opportunity for students to live in Italy, study courses in a variety of disciplines, and fulfill multiple all-college requirements. This program allows students to fully immerse themselves in Italian culture by living with host families in Florence and gaining valuable cultural experiences. Students will take two blocks of Italian language at the Linguaviva language school in Florence, and will take two blocks taught by CC professors from different disciplines. The 2019 Mediterranean Semester focuses on the Scientific Revolution (writing intensive, taught in Florence), immersion into the Italian language (two blocks in Florence, living with host families), and the study of ancient martyrs and saints (in Rome).

Program Dates: Sept-Dec 2019, exact dates TBD.

2019 Courses

Block 1: ED250 Topics in Education: Intellectual Curiosity and the Scientific Revolution, taught in Florence

Taught by Mike Taber, CC Education Department and Environmental Program. Set in Florence, Italy this course offers the opportunity to examine first-hand the great scientific advances in geography, archaeology, astronomy, chemistry, medicine, physics, mathematics, and industry from the 17th Century to the 21st Century, and how those advances transformed western educational systems. When Copernicus published De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium, modern science was born, but educational systems were reserved for the elite. The Age of Enlightenment forced western educational systems to modernize and play a central role in the transmission of those ideas and ideals. The Age of Romanticism and the Industrial Revolution forced educational systems to educate the masses. Florence provides us with a unique opportunity to visit museums dedicated to the early scientific pioneers, such as Leonardo daVinci, Galileo Galilei, and Santorio Santorio. Fulfills Writing Intensive Requirement for CC.

Blocks 2-3: Super-Intensive Italian

Students will take two blocks of super-intensive Italian at the Linguaviva language school in Florence, Italy. Fulfills CC Language Requirement.

Block 4: RE200 Martyrs and Saints, taught in Rome.

Taught by Pam Reaves, CC Religion Department. Course description forthcoming.


Students will receive 4 CC units of credit for the semester. The super-intensive Italian classes fulfill the two-block CC language requirement. ED250 fulfills the writing-intensive requirement. EV128 meets the Critical Perspectives: Scientific Investigations of the Natural World and the Critical Perspectives: Quantitative Reasoning general education requirements.


Can students take just an individual block or two blocks?

No, students must commit to the whole semester.

Is there an additional cost for this program?

No, students will pay standard CC tuition and an estimated program fee of $6,200 (room, some meals, airfare, and field trips). This fee is equivalent to CC's room and board fee (a standard double room and meal plan C). Students on financial aid will receive their usual award.

What are the living arrangements for the semester?

Students will live in homestay families in Florence during blocks 1-3 and will live in apartments in Castello Sonnino block 4.

How do I apply?

Apply on Summit. The deadline for applications is March 5th, 2018.

For more information, email Professor Lynne Gratz at or Professor Mike Taber at or visit the Linguaviva site at

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