The “Senior Capstone” is a cumulative project undertaken by all majors that showcases their unique approach to music studies. The exact nature of each project depends on the individual interests and specializations of the student, but all projects combine both creativity and research. The process begins through participation in the Junior Seminar, where students develop a formal proposal for their thesis work. Subsequent work unfolds between the student and their respective faculty co-advisors, including at least one Senior Capstone block where students undertake focused, independent work on their projects. Some capstones may include a standalone performance or presentation, but all capstones will have two shared outcomes: a 20-minute capstone presentation at the annual Music Department Senior Colloquium and a formal final paper, the scope of which is determined between the individual student and their capstone advisors.

Recent Capstone Presentations


Senior Capstone Colloquium, Spring 2022. View the program.

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