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Music Study Abroad

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Studying Music Off-Campus and Abroad

Many opportunities exist for Music majors and minors to study in another part of the world, including Music in Culture, Musicianship, Creativity, and Performance.
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Study Abroad Transfer Credit Policy

 The Music Department at Colorado College offers block-length courses led by department faculty that travel abroad, including Asia, Australia, and Europe among others. Students who wish to immerse themselves in international study for a greater duration of time (a semester or a year) may apply certain music-related credits earned abroad to the music major or minor. To receive credit, students must submit a copy of the syllabus for the course(s) taken with their Course Approval Requests through Summit.

Music majors may apply up to three (3) courses and Music minors may apply up to two (2) courses to their requirements, but no more than one (1) to each of the three core components (Music in Culture, Musicianship, and Creativity). Additionally, students may apply one-quarter credit (.25) of formal private vocal or instrumental instruction if these lessons are officially taken through their host institution. One-quarter credit (.25) of ensemble participation from their abroad experience can also be applied as long as the student can provide the department with a copy of the program from a culminating public performance of that ensemble.

– February 2022 (for additional information on transfer of credit, check with your Music Department advisor)


Students stand with the statue of J.S. Bach in the courtyard of St. Thomas Church in Leipzig during their trip to Germany as part of the Fall 2021 MU397 class, Advanced Topics in Music: In the Footsteps of J. S. Bach.


The “Senior Capstone” is a cumulative project undertaken by all majors that showcases their unique approach to music studies. The exact nature of each project depends on the individual interests and specializations of the student, but all projects combine both creativity and research. The process begins through participation in the Junior Seminar, where students develop a formal proposal for their thesis work. Subsequent work unfolds between the student and their respective faculty co-advisors, including at least one Senior Capstone block where students undertake focused, independent work on their projects. Some capstones may include a standalone performance or presentation, but all capstones will have two shared outcomes: a 20-minute capstone presentation at the annual Music Department Senior Colloquium and a formal final paper, the scope of which is determined between the individual student and their capstone advisors.

Recent Capstone Presentations


Senior Capstone Colloquium, Spring 2022. View the program.

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