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During the academic year the music department sponsors a series of performances by faculty, students, student ensembles, and visiting artists. As part of the music major and minor, students are required to attend and/or perform in department-approved concerts: 8 per semester for majors, and 4 per semester for minors. The goal: to broaden their understanding of the rewards and challenges of the concert world and to gain a deeper understanding of performance practices and literature. The list of department sponsored concerts will appear at the bottom of this page.

  • If a student wishes to select a concert not on the list below, they must confirm this choice with their advisor.
  • Students may count a Packard Hall concert in which they've performed (such as "Music at Midday") as a concert.
  • In order for a concert to be counted, students must complete this brief questionnaire addressing the performance. A music department faculty member will review and respond to all submissions.

These blockly meetings will be held on the third Friday of each block at 2pm and will be hosted by a rotating mix of department faculty. This will be an opportunity to discuss the music we've been encountering as well as learn more about what both faculty and students have been working on with regards to creativity and research. Majors are required to attend at least 3 of these TFS meetings per semester, and minors are always very welcome to participate.

2021-22 Concerts

Packard Hall during Fall 2021.  This list will be continually updated, so check back regularly!

  • Block 1:
    • 9/21 @ 2pm: Composition Class Concert
  • Block 2:
    • 10/8 @ 4pm: Stephen Scott Memorial Concert
    • 10/13 @ 12:15pm: Music at Midday
    • 10/15 @ 7:30pm: Veronika String Quartet
  • Block 3:
    • 10/29 @ 7:30pm: The Mystery of Edwin Drood
    • 10/30 @ 7:30pm: The Mystery of Edwin Drood
    • 10/31@ 3pm: The Mystery of Edwin Drood
    • 11/4 @ 7:30pm: Visiting Composer Concert
    • 11/10 @ 12:15pm:Music at Midday
    • 11/16 @ 3pm: Live from Packard Hall
  • Block 4:
    • Coming Soon
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