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Although our music majors and minors may be spread asunder, the music department continues to value the opportunities, experiences, and insights that occur when we come together. Because of this, for Fall 2020/Spring 2021, we have adjusted the major/minor concert requirement and added a blockly meeting.

Concert Requirement: Opportunities for in-person concert attendance this academic year are few, but this particular requirement remains as valuable and vital as ever. In consideration of the realities of social distancing, distance learning, and screen fatigue, we have reduced the number of required concerts for music majors to 6 and music minors to 3 for the Fall 2020/Spring 2021 semesters.
  • These must be selected from the performances listed below. Students should select a variety of musical genres and performance modes, aiming for as diverse a set of concerts as possible. If a student wishes to select a concert not on the list below, they must confirm this choice with their advisor.
  • Students may count a Packard Hall concert in which they've performed (such as "Music at Midday") as a concert.
Blockly Meeting: These will be held on the third Friday of each block and will be hosted by a rotating mix of department faculty. This will be an opportunity to discuss the music we've been encountering as well as learn more about what both faculty and students have been working on with regards to creativity and research. We'll also have the opportunity to preview the upcoming Live from Packard Hall concert. Majors are required to attend at least 2 of these meetings and minors are always welcome to participate. A zoom link will be sent to all students directly.

2020-21 Concerts

Live from Packard Hall - Performances streamed live on the CC Music Facebook page, with links to the video after the concert has taken place:

Music at Midday

Opera Theatre of the Rockies - These performances from their archives are only available during the dates listed.

Chamber Orchestra of the Springs - Concerts available beginning on the following dates, contact Professor Ofer Ben-Amots or Lisa Gregory for links to these performances:

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