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As part of the music major and minor, students are required to be registered for and pass, in each semester along their major/minor, MU216 Concert Attendance. MU216 is a semester-long adjunct course with .25 units of credit (per semester).


To receive a passing grade for MU216, majors/minors are required to:

  1. attend department-approved concerts (including concerts they perform in) each semester and respond fully to the reflection prompts in their Concert Journal for each one — 8 per semester for majors, 4 per semester for minors.
  2. attend Music Gatherings (a series of non-concert events/workshops/sessions) each semester — 4 per semester for majors, 2 per semester for minors.
The MU216 Syllabus (available on its Canvas site) contains a full explanation regarding the requirements and practicalities involved.
Also on Canvas: a full list of Music Gatherings and department sponsored concerts.

There is no need to register for MU216 during pre-registration; all majors/minors are automatically enrolled for it.

This requirement is designed for students to:

  • Broaden their understanding of the rewards and challenges of the concert world
  • Gain a deeper understanding of performance practices and literature from multiple musical repertories 
  • Deepen their listening skills and sensitivity
  • Make connections across their musical studies
  • Learn by sharing reflections and experiences with peers
  • Engage with academic and non-academic musical topics and conversations within our community.


Please contact Prof. Iddo Aharony at with any questions about the requirement.

Begin by downloading the fillable Recital FormOnly use MS Edge, Adobe Reader, or macOS Preview app to fill in this PDF; then save it to send it to the next person. For it to remain fillable, do not print to save.

Students pursuing a recital will fill out this form and submit it to the Music Office (email to or print and deliver to Packard 116) two separate times:

  1. Prior to their Recital Preview. While in the process of filling out the form for the recital preview, students may place a hold in the Packard Hall scheduling book for their final recital date and dress rehearsal (tip: schedule with your instructor during a lesson, or via email with the Music Office with your instructor cc'd); the date is official only after the student has passed the Recital Preview. Schedule the Recital Preview with Susan Grace and Dan Brink, along with two other Recital Preview Committee members chosen by the student. The committee will inform the student, instructor, and Music Office whether the student has passed the Recital Preview.
  2. Prior to their final Recital date. The form must be completed and returned to the Music Office with all required signatures two weeks before the final recital date in order for a program to be created and printed.
Complete information about recitals can be found in the Student Handbook. A portion of that information is below:
  1. The following are requirements for all Music Department-sponsored recitals, including non-credit, credit and senior projects. All advanced level students are invited to give recitals with the following provisions:
  • The student must be studying with a member of the CC performance faculty.
  • The student must have performed in 2 Music at Midday concerts sometime during the 2 semesters prior to the recital.
  • The student must pass an audition.
  1. All students will need to audition for a recital date, time, and place, at least 4-6 weeks prior to the performance date. The audition will be 10-15 minutes in length and should include repertoire from the recital. (Generally, singers must perform 2 pieces of their own choosing in addition to 2 more pieces selected by the committee.)
  2. The audition committee will be made up of 1 academic faculty member, Dan Brink or Susan Grace, and another faculty member of the student’s choice. The student’s teacher should not be one of the committee members, but should be consulted by the audition committee.
  3. It will be the responsibility of Susan Grace, the studio teacher and the student to set the audition time. If there are several recitals, there will be an effort made to have all auditions at the same time. If students are featuring guest artists at their recitals, the guest artists must attend the audition as well.
  4. Two weeks prior to the audition, the student must submit a form listing the recital repertoire to the Music Department Coordinator, which will then be distributed to the recital committee. This form can be obtained in the Music office. The repertoire must have the approval of the student’s teacher. The repertoire can be discussed by the committee and recommendations can be made to the student and teacher.
  5. There are two types of department-sponsored recitals, performed in Packard Hall, for which the student can audition:
  • Evening at 7:00 PM or
  • Afternoon at 3:00 PM
  1. Dates can be arranged with the Music Department staff, but they will remain tentative until the recital is approved. The student’s teacher and the accompanist must be informed of all dates. Both full and half recitals are encouraged.
  2. Final program information must be provided to the Music Department staff not less than two weeks before the recital date electronically. No handwritten program information will be accepted. Program information must be approved by the instructor before it is submitted. The department cannot guarantee a program for the recital if information is received less than two weeks prior.
  3. Department-sponsored recitals include the following: recital programs, piano tuning, and department accompanist. Recitals will be audio recorded. If live-streaming or video recording is desired, coordination with Music Department staff and the Technical Director is the responsibility of the student. A two-week notice is required for these services.
  4. Recitals performed at outside venues or in Packard Room 9 are at the discretion of the student’s teacher.
  5. It is not mandatory that the student present a recital for academic credit. However, the recital student who does want academic credit for the recital must also enroll in MU401/402 Readings with a full-time academic faculty member and will be expected to do some historical and analytical work on the repertoire of the recital and write appropriate program notes to accompany the performance. The final grade will be determined by the student’s teacher and the MU 401/402 Readings academic faculty member.
  6. Extended lessons are available to students who are presenting a junior or senior recital.


  1. Susan Grace will accompany any student instrumentalist in concert, performance class, or auditions. She is also available for a rehearsal of a piece the student is preparing, but not performing. The preparation of the music should be far enough along to make the session beneficial and must be previously coached by the teacher. Students should call for an appointment.
  2. Dan Brink will accompany any student singer under the same arrangements. Students should call for an appointment.
  3. Please encourage students not to wait until the last minute to ask for rehearsal time. Last minute inquiries cannot always be accommodated.
  4. Student accompanists are encouraged whenever possible.

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