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Environmental Studies Program

The Colorado College Environmental Studies Program prepares its majors to understand their connection to the environment, acquire the skills to explore scientific and human interrelationships in the global ecosystem, and pursue interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving. We offer two integrated majors in Environmental Science and Environmental Studies, and a disciplinary track in Environmental Chemistry.

The Environmental Science Major has the following goals:

The Environmental Science major prepares students to investigate the Earth system with a particular focus on how humans interact with the environment. Students acquire tools from multiple scientific disciplines to solve problems at the interface of society and the environment.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Student can articulate, measure/calculate, analyze, and model:
    • the dynamics of a complex system
    • the flows and transformations of energy and matter within and between each sphere in the Earth System
  • Students can utilize quantitative reasoning skills to address societally-relevant environmental problems
  • Students can critically analyze the ways in which scientific knowledge is gathered, as well as an appreciation for the historical and societal constructs in which it occurs
  • Students are able to disseminate scientific knowledge to multiple relevant audiences

The Environmental Studies Major has the following goals:

The Environmental Studies major prepares students to investigate the complexity of socio-ecological relationships. Students use approaches from multiple disciplines across the social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences to pursue interdisciplinary inquiry and problem-solving. Students will be able to articulate the ways institutions, societies, and individuals respond to and shape environmental outcomes.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the major, students will be able to articulate the following:

  • How institutions, values, ideas, and power relations shape the relationships between humans and the biophysical environment
  • How current social, cultural, and ecological conditions are shaped by changes over time and across space
  • Possible pathways for more sustainable and just outcomes




In The News

Colorado College Assistant Professor of Environmental Science Rebecca Barnes has received an $849,234 CAREER grant from the National Science Foundation for a project titled "The Legacy of Wildfire on Carbon Watershed Biogeochemistry." The highly prestigious award, from NSF's Faculty Early Career Development Program, is CC's first CAREER grant.

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Colorado College Professor of Environmental Studies and Southwest Studies Eric Perramond has published a new book, "Unsettled Waters: Rights, Law, and Identity in the American West."

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Fall 2019 Newsletter

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Spring 2019 Newsletter

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CC Environmental Studies Program partners with Colorado Energy Resource Center to provide home energy efficiency retrofits benefiting local Colorado Springs residents while offering applied learning to students studying energy and thermodynamics.

Professor Jean Lee's Research: Project Developers Key in Carbon Markets

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Rebecca Barnes Part of $1.7 Million Grant Aimed at Women in Geosciences

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