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Colorado College's thematic minor in The Book

Colorado College offers a thematic minor in The Book (the past, present, and future of the written word in its material form).

The minor in The Book explores the past, present, and future of the written word in its material form from the perspective of a variety of humanistic and social scientific disciplines.

Advisor: Carol Neel, History

Students in the minor are required to complete four related courses in at least three disciplines among the following list OR from among in collateral topics courses or independent study units:

Art Studio and Art History-

AS 110 (Topics, when topic is Introduction to Letterpress Printing)
AS 201 (Printmaking)
AS226 (Book and Book Structures)
AH211 (Medieval Europe)


HY105 (Civilization in the West: Cultures of the Book) (2 units)
HY 200 (Topics, when topic is History and Future of the Book)
HY274 (Making Europe: Medieval Culture and the Framing of European Identity)
HY275 (Renaissance and Reformation)
HY277 (Europe in an Age of Absolutism)


EN275 (Graphic Novel)
EN282 (Beginning Poetry Writing)
EN287 (Beginning Fiction Writing)

Film and Media Studies-

FM202 (Philosophy of Technology in Film and Media Studies


CL222/RE200 (Topics: The Bible: Myth and History
CL222/RE200 (Topics: Making and Faking Scriptures)

(This minor was first offered in the 2009-2010 school year. For general information on thematic minors at CC, click here. )

Course description for The History and Future of the Book, taught in alternating years beginning in 2010:

HY200-The History and Future of the Book. Examines the development of technologies of the written word, from clay tablets and sheepskin scrolls to the manuscript codex, early printed book, modern printing, and digital text. Questions the way reading, writing, and preserving texts intersect with identity, memory, and history, making extensive use of primary materials in the library's Special Collections and incorporating a hands-on experience at The Press at Colorado College. .5 unit-Lawson and Randall.

Some useful links:

Jessy Randall's "netcessary" literature page
Digital version of the January 2012 class printing project, a meta/historical book entitled Title
Syllabus for Cultures of the Book, 2010
Photos from Carol Neel's 2008 FYE (slideshow above)
Photographs of books made by CC students, September 2007
The Press at Colorado College

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