Requests for Research Databases and E-Journals

Please submit requests for research database and electronic journal price quotes, and trial access to and your liaison librarian. Cost and access information from vendors takes two to six weeks, depending on the company. In addition to investigating requests from Colorado College students and employees, the library will investigate requests from candidates for positions at Colorado College; however, the timeline still applies. 

Because the primary mission of the Tutt Library collection is to support the curriculum of the College, resources that do so — especially those that support multiple programs — will be prioritized for acquisition (Library Collection Development Policy). The Collection Development Committee meets once a month to evaluate proposals for new electronic resources, periodical subscriptions, and purchases exceeding $1,000. New resources might require new or additional funding sources, and not all materials that are requested can be added to the collection.  

To get the most feedback, trials should be run when the requestor and the majority of interested parties can participate and provide feedback. Trials can last from one week to one month at the discretion of the company.   

For accounting purposes, subscriptions will start on the first of the month. 

Report an issue - Last updated: 03/01/2024