Electronic Music Studio

Electronic Music Studio - 19


The Electronic Music Studio offers a second space for students to take their projects during the editing and mixing phases. A 21.5in, 1.6GHz, Late 2015 Apple iMac hosts Avid ProTools, Ableton Live with Max4Live and Max/MSP/Jitter as well as other plugins and processing software. The editing studio connects to our Dante network using an Atterotech UN DAES-0 allowing access to real-time audio data from the other recording spaces. We have a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 interface to facilitate overdubs and simpler recording projects. With a Grace Design m920 high resolution monitoring system and Blue Sky Media Desk MKII 5.1 surround monitoring, the Electronic Music Studio is the perfect place not just for music production but also for mixing and post production on film and video projects.



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