Employment and Internships

HELLO.  Thanks for your interest in working with us! 

Below are some of the jobs and projects students have been recently hired to perform. 
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Student employment job description

Creative Assistant Producer

Project Assistant/Student Researcher

"When I began working for the State of the Rockies, I immediately learned the importance of the project. Combining research, information, and education to improve awareness of environmental issues in the Rocky Mountain West; State of the Rockies makes a difference. Since joining the team, I have been able to integrate my passion for art and graphic design with this mission. This summer, I am a project assistant for the team researching regrowth in the Waldo Canyon burn scar and a graphic designer for the Anthropogenic. I believe that no other job would allow me to work on projects that are as deeply important, interconnected, collaborative, and fun as the State of the Rockies!"  —  Macy McCauley '26 (from Loveland, CO),  Education major



Please email chines@coloradocollege.edu for more information. 

Waldo Canyon Fire

Student Assistant Research Ecologist 

Waldo canyon fire retrospect student research assistant job poster

This summer, conduct a 20-year retrospect of the Waldo Canyon Fire.


Get paid to explore questions such as

  • Will Ponderosa pine go extinct in some of the most severely burned forests?
  • What species are coming returning?
  • What does their presence or absence mean from a socio-ecological perspective?

Waldo Canyon Fire

Student Artist-in-Residence 

waldo canyon fire retrospect student artist in residence job poster

Venture into Waldo Canyon field sites to document scenes of forest and riparian regeneration.


Use your artistic storytelling and skills to communicate research questions such as

  • What differences can we see among different Waldo Canyon burn sites?
  • Which sites seem more favorable to Ponderosa pine recovery? Why?
  • Which sites offer favorable butterfly habitats? Why?
  • What predictions and recommendations can we make about the future of these forests based on this study?

GIS Assistant

Student GIS Research Assistant 

Dark Skies Public Lands student GIS research assistant job poster

Work on GIS projects with the Dark Skies and Public Lands Visitors project interns, and create a GIS story map of the annual Conservation in the West poll data.


Interested in learning about Western forest wildfires? Dark sky conservation? Public land use? Policy and public opinion? Want to sharpen your GIS and research skills? Become a data scientist or GIS professional? Want to apply your GIS skills and curiosity about environmental issues to relevant and timely climate-based research?

Public Lands & Dark Skies Phase II

Dark Skies Public Lands Student Researcher 

dark skies and public lands student researcher job poster

The team will use Conservation in the West Poll-based interview questions created by the 2023 project team to build on summer 2022 survey results.


Passionate about the outdoors? Care about protecting our public lands? Think Dark Skies are a conservation concern? Interested in antiracism, diversity, equity, and inclusion issues?

Adventurous Spirit Films Project

Director/Writer/Producer + Director of Photography

Seniors interested in film

Deadline to apply is MARCH 17 at 11:59 PM.

This summer, put your screenwriting, cinematography, directing, and production skills into action.

The State of the Rockies Adventurous Spirit Film project is hiring seniors with significant coursework and filmmaking experience to drive the creative process while mentoring sophomore and junior class student screenwriters and film producers. Work as a team to communicate progress to the executive producer (alumni mentor).

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