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CC student-led summer research project spotlighted in local paper

Ecoacoustics across natural and built soundscapes at the edge of the Colorado Rockies


"Ute Prayer Trees" Article No. 1 Hit

Rockies 2017 summer fellow Nate Goodman's publication is the first hit on Google search

Goodman's '19 Cipher magazine article "Ute Prayer Trees" ..."has been shared extensively by city and state archeologists and has been the subject of substantial chatter at conferences. It is widely supported by the local Colorado Springs Indigenous community and I have received positive feedback on social media. On google, when searching the keywords "ute prayer trees," my article is the number one hit. Additionally, local documentary filmmaker Gregg Deal has expressed interest in using my research as source material for a forthcoming documentary about cultural representations of Indigenous peoples by non-natives in Colorado Springs," said Nate.

His State of the Rockies 2018 report has been reposted by the Indigenous Policy Journal. "Local Indigenous community members, have expressed outrage at the continued appropriation of Ute traditional knowledge and cultural property and are asking for a comprehensive follow-up," Nate said.

Read Nate's report.

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