Parking Regulations

All members of the Colorado College community are expected to adhere to the following parking regulations. 


Permit Holders

  • All vehicles must submit an online vehicle and permit registration with the Parking Office.
    • Permits will be issued on a first come, first serve basis, until permits are gone.
    • You must register even if all permits have been issued.  
    • You must have a valid CC issued parking permit visible in your rearview mirror or on your dash (Parking permits must be visible at all times. Vehicles not properly displaying a permit in these two locations will be ticketed). 
  • Students, Staff/Faculty with valid permits may only park in assigned designated lots/street zone/area. 
    • Parking in any other lot, without a valid permit, is subject to receiving a parking citation.
    • Once a vehicle receives five or more parking citations, the vehicle is subject to being immobilized. 
  • Colorado College assumes no responsibility for any damage to vehicles (or losses of their contents) resulting from theft, vandalism, flooding, or necessary towing, regardless of where the vehicle is parked on campus. 
  • Colorado College reserves the right to relocate vehicles that constitute a safety hazard, that are illegally parked, or that interfere with the snow removal, construction, asphalt maintenance, or necessary access to parking lots, sidewalks and buildings at the expense of the vehicle owner.  
    • Abandoned or inoperable vehicles must be removed from campus immediately unless prior arrangements have been made with the Parking Office.
    • Vehicles are subject to ticketing, towing, and/or storage at the owner's expense. Vehicles will be considered abandoned if three or more tickets are issued consecutively.   
  • Vehicles with valid disability plates or placards are still required to purchase a valid Colorado College parking permit for campus during permit enforcement hours.
    • Visitors will be allowed to park in any available accessible parking space on campus with a permit and valid disability placard/plates.
    • Anyone parked in an accessible parking spot, without a valid disability placard, will receive a municipal ticket.
  • For Safety issues, any vehicle parked improperly due to mechanical difficulties, overcrowded parking lots, temporary loading/unloading, should be immediately reported to Campus Safety, 719-389-6707. Campus Safety is available 24 hours a day. 

Parking Violations

  • Vehicle violation appeals must be submitted within 10 days of the violation, aappeals received after 10 days will not be considered for any reason.  See the appeals tab for the appeals process.
  • Vehicles may be towed without warning if they are parked improperly.
    • This may include but is not limited to vehicles: blocking parking lot entrances, fire lanes, loading docks, dumpster or recycling bins; parked in driveways; parked on grass; parked in accessible spaces without appropriate tags or permits.  
  • Repeated violations will result in disciplinary action, which may include but is not limited to: revocation of campus parking privileges, vehicle immobilization, or towing.
    • A $50 fee will be assessed for removal of the immobilization device in addition to the total amount of unpaid citations.
Prohibited Parking
  • First-year students are not allowed to bring a vehicle to campus, per the Housing contract and Pathfinder.  
  • All cars must be parked on paved or conditioned surfaces (e.g. blacktop, stone). There is no curbside parking on campus. Vehicles must be parked in a designated spot. 
  • No parking is permitted on grass, dirt, or sidewalks.  

Visitor Parking

All visitors to campus must receive a pre-paid daily scratch-off hangtag.  The Parking Office or sponsoring department can provide a temporary hangtag.  Visitor parking permits are only valid in the designated visitor parking spots located in the Robson Parking Garage, first floor.
  • Scratch-off hangtags are $5 per day. 
  • Departments can purchase a bundle of 25 scratch-off hangtags for $35, using a department FOAP.
  • Stay tuned for an Online Visitor Parking option! Coming in January 2023!
Limited free and metered street parking is available along Tejon St.
  • Metered parking is available along Tejon St. and Dale St.
  • Visitors may utilize the FREE Downtown Shuttle
  • The street parking on Cache La Poudre, Cascade, and Nevada with college-owned properties require a permit Mon-Fri, between 7am-5pm
    • Visitors can utilize parking on the streets after 5pm weekdays and on the weekends
    • Parking without a street permit during Mon-Fri 7am-5pm, will result in a municipal parking ticket.  
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