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Daily - $5/day
Hourly - $0.25/15 Minutes

*Visitors can pay for parking using cash or change at the yellow pay stations located in the C1 lot. Exact change or small bills are appreciated, as the machine will dispense change in the form of quarters. 

Undergraduate (Year) - $200/school year
Undergraduate (Semester) - $100/semester
Undergraduate (Block) - $30/block
MAT (Year) - $100/14 month cycle
MAT (Block) - $30/block

Annual Salary <=$27,000 - $100/school year
Annual Salary >$27,000 <=$50,000 - $200/school year
Annual Salary >$50,000 - $300/school year

Adjunct Faculty Living on Campus:

Permits will be valid for all tenant, paid visitor, and overflow lots on campus and will cost $30 per block. 

Daily - $2/day or 20 permits for $30

Incentive Parking:

Faculty, Staff, and Students can apply for incentive parking in the S1, S5, E2, and E4 lots. The cost for an annual pass at incentive pricing will be:

Undergraduate (Year) - $100/school year
Undergraduate (Semester) - $50/semester

Annual Salary <=$27,000 - $50/school year
Annual Salary >$27,000 <=$50,000 - $100/school year
Annual Salary >$50,000 - $200/school year

Free Parking

A limited number of parking permits in the S4 and E1 lot will be made available for employees, contractors, and vendors making less than $27,000 per year. An application will still need to be submitted and your annual salary verified by the payroll office.