Display Requirements

For parking areas on and around campus, you must display a valid parking permit in your vehicle.  


Permit Display Requirements

  • All permits must be visibly displayed with the entire face of the permit visible from the outside of the vehicle, either in the rearview mirror or on the dash
    • The face of the permit is the side that displays both the current stickers and the permit number 
    • We do not recommend leaving permits hanging from the rearview mirrors while the vehicle is in motion 
  • Permits are not valid in designated reserved spaces, unmarked/unpaved spaces, metered spaces, visitor parking areas, or areas designated as timed parking, or other signed areas. 
  • Visitor/Guest and Temporary passes must be displayed on the driver’s side, dashboard of the vehicle, with the effective date facing out.   
  • Alteration, reproduction, misuse, transfer, resale, or duplication of any parking permit, including Temporary, City, or Visitor Passes, is a violation of the Pathfinder and prohibited and may result in disciplinary action, or the revocation of parking privileges on or around campus. Any altering, copying, borrowing, swapping, or misuse of a permit will result in the loss of parking privileges for all individuals involved for a minimum of two semesters. 
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