What is LPR? 

  • LPR is the most current permitting technology available that provides virtual permits through a vehicle’s license plate number in place of a paper permit, sticker, or plastic hangtag 

How does LPR work? 

  • Upon permit registration/payment, vehicle license plate number(s) will be entered into the parking software. The software combines the license plate information with the individual's permit type and generates a virtual permit linked to that license plate.  
  • When a vehicle is parked on campus in a permit required lot, the license plate is captured by fixed cameras mounted onto one of our enforcement vehicles. LPR works like a supermarket scanner with your license plate instead of a barcode. When read, the numbers are automatically referenced against our database to verify the vehicle has been registered with the Parking Office and that a permit has been purchased. If a license plate and vehicle information are not associated with a valid permit consistent with the lot in which the vehicle is parked (employee, student/visitor, etc.), then the vehicle will be subject to a citation. 

Can I park in any lot on campus? 

  •  No. All lot privileges remain the same and are based upon your permit type and lot designation (employee, student, etc.). Vehicles parked in an area on campus not associated with their permit type will be subject to citation. 

How will my license plate information be used? 

  • The license plate information collected in this process will only be referenced against the campus database for purposes of verifying parking permits on campus. 
  • Please see the LPR Data Collection and Privacy page for further information 
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