Parking and Traffic Regulations

All regulations (including but not limited to violations of posted fire lanes, Accessible spaces, 15-minute loading zones, designated reserved parking areas, and no-parking areas) are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Parking permits are the property of Colorado College and are only legally issued or altered by the Campus Safety Parking Office. The unauthorized acquisition, alteration, transfer, or creation of parking permits can and will be punishable under the Student Code of Conduct (for students) and the Colorado College Policies and Procedures document (for employees).

Loading and unloading is legal only in designated 15-minute or 30-minute loading areas unless otherwise directed by Campus Safety Personnel at that time.

Valid accessible license plates or placards must be displayed when a vehicle is parked in an accessible space.

The striped area directly adjacent to an accessible parking space is part of the space. Parking in these areas is the same as parking in an accessible space and will be enforced as such.

Vehicles with valid accessible license plates or placards are still required to purchase a parking permit for campus. However, they will be allowed to park in any available accessible parking space on campus.

Campus Safety is authorized to immobilize, impound, or relocate any vehicle that is improperly or illegally parked on Colorado College property.

Lack of parking space is not a valid or justifiable excuse for violation of any parking regulation and will not be considered as a valid basis for appeal.

For the purposes of these regulations, a single parking space is defined by lines on opposing sides of the vehicle; either in front and back, or on the left and right. In some instances, a curb may designate one of these lines. When parked, the motor vehicle must be within the boundaries of the single parking space used. The fact that other motor vehicles may have parked improperly does not constitute an excuse for parking any part of the motor vehicle outside the space boundaries.

Vehicles may not be double-parked or parked in any position, which prevents adjacent vehicles from exiting their legal parking space.

Motorcycles and scooters (large enough to require a license plate) must park in normal parking spaces or in designated motorcycle parking areas. Motorcycles and scooters may not park on sidewalks or at bicycle parking racks.

Motor vehicle fines, property damage, and loss on Colorado College campus are the registered owner's responsibility, regardless of who was driving.

The campus speed limit is 15 miles per hour.

Observe and obey all campus traffic signs.

All motorized vehicles are prohibited on walk and grass areas; this includes the entire campus quadrangle.

Except for College vehicles, motor vehicles may be driven only on roadways, and must observe all applicable statutes and ordinances and the rules and regulations described in this manual. Emergency vehicles may operate on any surface as required when making an emergency response.

Pedestrians will be given the right-of-way at all times except where traffic control lights with pedestrian indicators are provided (such as a crossing light at a traffic signal).

Moving or driving around parking/traffic control devices is strictly prohibited and may constitute a violation of City Ordinances as well as these regulations.

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