Parking Violations

Parking Violations will result in Citations.  Citations may be either paid or appealed. 
Only registered parking permits and vehicles may access Colorado College on-campus parking lots and or adjacent street area/zones. Any parked vehicle not registered through the Parking Office will be subject to a parking citation, more than five citations may result in immobilization of the vehicle, at the owner's expense.  Citations issued to vehicles on street area/zones, will need to be paid through the City of Colorado Springs, as outlined on the citation.  Only parking citations received on-campus, in a parking lot, can be reviewed and submitted through the Appeals Form within 10 days of the date of the citation.   

Parking Permit Regulations

Parking permits are issued only for one valid location on-campus, as identified on the physical permit.  Parking permits are not valid in other lots across campus.  Permit holders are subject to citations and must follow parking permit regulations and display requirements at all times.

Paying Citations & Current Citations Rate Sheet

If you have a parking citation(s), you can pay your citations online.  Citations may also be paid at the Parking Office, located at 219 E Uintah Street, or mailed/sent via intercampus mail to: Parking Office, 14 E Cache La Poudre Colorado Springs, CO 80903. 

NOTE: You will need to know both your citation number and amount in order to proceed with the online portal payment/appeal process. Email Parking at if you need this information.

Absence of Permit 


Wrong Permit for lot (Before escalation) 


Unauthorized use of Accessible Parking 


Parking in a Tow-Away Zone, Loading Zone, Fire Lane No Parking Area, Reserved Parking Space 


Parking on a Lawn/Pedestrian Surface 


Overtime Violation


Parking in a Service Vehicle Space 


Double Parking/Over Line


Level 2 Appeal Fee


Boot Fee


Any vehicle determined to be a hazard or obstructing traffic will be towed, possibly impounded without warning, and the cost of towing/impounding will be charged at the owner's expense. The college will dispose of vehicles abandoned on college property for a period of two weeks. The cost of disposal will be charged to the registered owner.

Continued violations will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken. Habitual offenders will be referred to student conduct.  Unpaid citations will be sent to student accounts for billing collection after Block 8.


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