Knox-Mellon Abolition for All Times

Early Histories of Colorado College Research Grant


Eligibility: Tenured and tenure-track faculty, and lecturers; staff members

Purpose: Knox College’s "Abolition for All Time" award contains a sub-award grant for Colorado College. The goal is to fund faculty research or faculty-student research projects that might lead to public scholarship, community engagement, new course materials, or other student experience that will examine the Colorado College histories of international or immigrant students or other students with marginalized identities during the 19th and early twentieth centuries through an abolitionist perspective.

Students who were immigrant or from international backgrounds joined our campuses within a fraught history of rising U.S. power, its missionary presence overseas, and its segregation and oppression of native and African-American communities. Funded projects from CC, along with projects from Knox and ACM campuses, will examine the convergence of these local and global forces as a key moment of articulation between founding ideals and the reorientation as modern educational institutions.

Grantees are expected to provide written reports on March 1 2024 (interim) and March 1 2025 (final) about their activities. (Instructions will be provided by Knox College in December prior to the due date.)

CC awardees (faculty, student) will be funded to attend the wrap-up conference in Galesburg, IL, in Spring 2025. (Travel expenses will be paid by Knox College) where the outcomes of funded research will be combined to creation of an inter-institutional shared repository of the histories of international and immigrant students.

Description of grant: The award comes with two components. Because the grant has a curricular and/or public scholarship component, it will come with $4,000 of summer salary, assuming 4 dedicated weeks of work to support the development of the outcome products due to Knox/Mellon. The grant also awards up to $4,500 for direct research expenses (e.g., full time student researcher for 10 weeks, travel expenses).

Application Guidelines

The College is accepting applications through its Summer 2023 research grant call.

The online form will ask for the information below. Please prepare your application in a separate document and then upload as a pdf or cut and paste your answers into the online application portal.

  • Name of applicant
  • Type of grant: Knox-Mellon Grant
  • Project description
    • Describe the objectives of the project and the research/scholarly activities to be undertaken.
    • Budget and budget justification.
  • Timeline: A detailed timeline of activities leading to the completion of the project.
  • Recent and current awards: Please list any research or curricular development grants from any Colorado College sources in the past three years. Note other internal and external grants and support received for the proposed research project. If you have previously received a DOF grant, you will be reminded to submit a report for your previous grant.
  • CV

The scholarship outcome (publications, performances, exhibitions) from these grants should acknowledge that the work is support by the specific grant from Colorado College.

If another grant subsequently received will fund the expenses for the same period, the recipient is expected to notify the Office of the Dean of the Faculty to relinquish the DOF grant.

Reporting responsibility: Award recipients should submit a brief report of their work to the Office of the Dean of the Faculty by November 1, 2023 (

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