Faculty Conference Travel

All full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty, adjunct faculty, lecturers, Riley scholars, and yearlong visiting faculty are eligible for Dean of the Faculty Office support to fund travel to attend and present at one in-person conference or fund registration for a virtual conference.

In person conferences:

The award is up to $1,600 per academic year when the grant is to support presentation of the applicant’s original research, scholarship, or creative effort at one recognized organized conference or professional meeting. The presentation will usually be in the form of an oral or poster presentation but can vary with field. The cap is the same for both domestic and international conferences.The award is up to $750 for attending a meeting when one is not a presenting member. Non- presenting roles include chairing sessions, panels, and symposia, moderating, participating as a discussant.

Virtual conferences:

The award is up to $600 for presenting at a virtual conference, and up to $250 for attending as a non-presenter at a virtual conference.

Eligible expenses

In-person conferences: The award includes funding for allowable travel-related expenses for in-person conferences—lodging, meals, air and ground transportation, and registration fees, all of which are considered non-taxable of business expenses.

Virtual conferences: The award covers registration fees for the virtual conference.

In no case can the award exceed the cost of travel and other eligible expenses.

See Canvas for detailed instructions on receiving the conference grant.

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