Grants Overview

Faculty regularly have ideas about new professional projects, ranging from the personal to the College-wide - ideas that usually require funding to implement. Faculty are encouraged to become familiar with the variety of funding sources - both internal and external - that are available to make these projects a reality.

Faculty should first explore internal funding sources. These include departmental funds, divisional funds, programmatic funds and Dean's Office funding. Funding usually ranges from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand and is generally available through competitive processes at different points throughout the year. If you would like to discuss the range of internal options available or get some advice on your first proposal draft, please contact Tess Powers, the Director of Faculty Research Support.

Faculty who anticipate substantial funding needs - more than $5,000 or so - or faculty who would like to begin planning for a full-year sabbatical fellowship, are invited to begin learning about the resources that exist to support their future external grant and fellowship applications.

Occasionally, faculty encounter a need for special funding from the Dean of the Faculty that is outside of the cycle of normal grants from the Divisional Executive Committee or the Dean of the Faculty Office granting cycle. If you have a special funding request, please complete this Dean of the Faculty Discretionary Grant Application Form.

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