DEI Development Program for Faculty Searches


DEI and the CC Faculty

At CC, we believe it is vitally important for our faculty searches to be inclusive and equitableThe DEI Development Program for Faculty Searches supports hiring departments in their efforts to conduct equitable and inclusive searches that support the College’s efforts to increase the diversity of the faculty. 

The Program


  • to foster inclusive and equitable search processes 
  • to give search committees the tools and strategies that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the search process and to decrease bias
  • to hiring excellent candidates who advances the inclusive excellence of our diverse faculty body and curriculum 

Structure & Organization:

  • Just-in-time learning approach with a mix of modality for self-pacing and group work
  • Four steps in the development program spread across the search timeline
  • Multiple modalities: Information can be accessed via readings, slideshow file, or recorded video narrating the slideshow
  • 4 step agendas for search committees where departments discuss key topics and make plans for the multiple stages of the search and the onboarding of the new hire. Search committee chair submits the required progress updates at each step of the 4-step agenda.

Step 1: Setting the stage and posting

Step 2: Receiving the applications and beginning review

Step 3: Effective Interview Process

Step 4: Debriefing the search and preparing to welcome and onboard the new faculty



 Resources for Faculty Search Process

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