Where to Go for Help

There are a wide variety of funding sources available.

Some are government sources; some are private. Some funders support only particular fields; some give only to particular geographic regions. Some funders require little more than a personal statement and a CV; others require a great deal of explanation and documentation. Some funders have been supporting Colorado College for decades; others may not have heard of us before. Many funders enforce limits on the number of proposals an institution may submit in a given year.

Nearly all are highly competitive. Depending on the program, funding rates at the National Science Foundation tend to range from 5% to 20%. The funding rate for the National Endowment for the Humanities is approximately 10%.

Because of the complex and highly competitive nature of applying for external funding, there are two offices that support faculty who are seeking external funding:


  • Tess Powers, a member of the Dean's Office, can support individual faculty in their search for support for their individual research agendas and creative activities
  • Members of the Grants Office in the Advancement Division work with faculty who seek support for a programmatic or curricular project that will be sponsored by the College as an institution.

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