SEGway Call for Proposals

Funding Categories

I) Seed Funding - stimulating external research grant activity or making proposals for external research funding more competitive

II) Research Support Funding - supporting faculty who have received research grant funding, through matching grants, for example

III) Infrastructure Funding - supporting the College's overall competitiveness for external research funding through investments in the College's research environment

IV) Institutional Grant Proposals - the SEGway committee will consider proposals from faculty and/or staff who are considering developing a proposal for external funding to support an institutional or curricular development project.

Tess Powers, the Director of Faculty Research Support, is available to discuss possible funding sources for research and scholarly projects for incorporation into the SEGway proposal.

Calls for proposals will be issued once each semester, however the SEGway committee will consider "off-deadline" requests if a time-sensitive opportunity arises.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Please review the SEGway proposal form. This PDF is not fillable; the document serves only as a guide for what the proposal should include. We request that you enter your responses into the Word version of this form. Please contact Tess Powers for a copy of the Word version.
  2. Please use the Budget guidelines for R&D proposals.
  3. Please submit your proposal to Tess Powers, the Director of Faculty Research Support.

Expedited Track

The following activities are highly encouraged, and will be approved in an expedited manner (via email request to Tess):

- serving as a grant reviewer for a funder that you anticipate approaching in the future (NSF, ACLS, NEH, for example) - $1,000 stipend

- attending a funder-sponsored grant-writing workshop - costs of attendance

- requesting feedback from a colleague who has been funded by the program to which you plan to apply - $500

For SEGway requests of a modest nature (less than $500), the Director of Faculty Research Support will address those needs individually whenever possible, while also being as strategic and equitable as possible.

Stipend Supplement Track

The SEGway Program offers this track in the Research Support category in order to better support faculty research, particularly in less well-funded disciplines. Specifically, the SEGway Program will provide a $4K stipend supplement to externally funded proposals that meet the following conditions:

  • The external proposal was submitted after September 1, 2022
  • The external proposal is funded before Dec. 31, 2024
  • The external proposal requests more than $5,000 and less than $20,000*
  • Eligibility for this Stipend Supplement is confirmed in writing prior to submission of the external proposal

*Some external funders support time at libraries and archives, providing free housing and modest monthly stipends. These opportunities are also eligible although they may not reach the $5,000 minimum.

The expectation is that the work funded by the external grant will take place during the summer when faculty typically have more time to focus on research, but this may vary depending on the funded project.

Each year the SEGway committee will set aside three $4,000 stipend supplements for funded external proposals.

Review of SEGway Proposals

SEGway funding is distributed through a competitive process conducted by a three-person committee representing each of the divisions, in consultation with the Director of Faculty Research Support. In addition, the Dean of Faculty Office reserves the right to make expeditious decisions when needed.

For more information, please contact Tess Powers, the Director of Faculty Research Support.

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