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    Campus Dog Policy

    Responsible office
    President's Office
    Responsible party
    AVP Institutional Planning & Effectiveness
    Last revision
    September 2015
    Approved by
    The Cabinet
    Approval date
    September 2015
    Effective date
    September 2015
    Last review
    September 2015
    Additional references
    Service Animal Policy


    All financial and administrative policies involving community members across campus are within the scope of this policy. If there is variance between departmental expectations and the common approach described through college policy, the college will look to the campus community to support the spirit and the objectives of college policy.


    The following policy is for employees of the college, and is for dogs only (employees are not allowed to bring other pets to campus). The student pet policy can be found in the Pathfinder.

    Service Animals

    This policy does not apply to service animals. The College complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) on service animals. See policy here:

    Presence of Non-Service Dogs

    Dogs are welcome additions to many people’s lives. However, dog owners must be cognizant of how bringing their dogs to work could negatively affect others. Members of our community may have allergies or be fearful of animals. In addition, dogs may cause unwanted distractions and disruptions in some cases. Therefore, employees should exercise good judgment when considering when to bring their dogs to work and are asked to follow these guidelines:

    1. Prior to bringing a dog to campus, the employee must attain permission from his/her supervisor or department head.
    2. Out of respect for others, the dog owner and supervisor should ask if any coworker has allergies or other concerns, and take these concerns into account before bringing/allowing a dog to work.

    If an employee is granted permission to bring a dog to campus, she/he must

    1. Keep the dog on a leash when outdoors.
    2. Immediately clean up after the dog, both indoors and out.
    3. Keep the dog with him/her at all times.

    Dogs are not allowed in public eating spaces or healthcare areas.

    The dog owner is solely responsible for any injuries or damages caused by the dog while on college property.

    If any community member experiences a problem with another member’s dog, he/she is encouraged to contact the department head or supervisor who gave permission for the dog to be on campus. The supervisor should attempt to resolve the conflict, which may include no longer allowing the dog in the office. If a community member prefers to remain anonymous, he/she can contact the Ombudsperson who will work with the administration to resolve the conflict.