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Awards and Honors

Distinction in History

Students with a 3.6 G.P.A. can apply to graduate with Distinction in History. Students considering applying for Distinction in History must submit a Distinction Folder that includes a copy of their HY 399 Historiography Paper, a copy of their Senior Essay or Thesis, and a copy of their transcripts. Distinction Folders are due by 3:00 p.m. on the first Monday of Block 8. The History Department faculty will evaluate Distinction Folders and determine awarding Distinction in History. While all students meeting the G.P.A. requirement may submit a Distinction Folder, faculty determine Distinction in History based upon the merits of the materials submitted by applicants.

The Robert J. Cosgrove Award for Excellence in Student Research

Every year the History Department faculty award the Robert J. Cosgrove prize for a Senior Essay or Thesis that demonstrates superior historical scholarship. Faculty nominate Senior Essays and Theses for consideration and evaluate them in Block 8. The Robert J. Cosgrove prize is awarded at Honors Convocation in Block 8.

Past Cosgrove Award winners:

  • 2017 Patrick Glastonbury and Taylor Wright Cutler
  • 2016 Jamie A. Sarafan, Thesis; Jamie Peng, Essay; Charles Simon, Essay
  • 2014 Will Heberlein
  • 2013 Caroline Olsen
  • 2012 Caitlin Barbera and Robert Shapiro
  • 2011 Cassandra Casias
  • 2010 Jordan Flanders

The Clyde Augustus Duniway Award for Outstanding Student Achievement

A Stanford University history professor turned administrator, Duniway served as president of the universities of Montana and Wyoming, and the Colorado College from 1917-1923. At Colorado College, his efforts to raise academic standards provoked a storm of student protest. Each year, the History Department faculty award the Duniway prize to a senior History major who has distinguished herself/himself in the intellectual life of History majors and faculty. In addition to demonstrating academic achievement, the Duniway Award winner has also been active and instrumental in promoting department activities to enrich the CC History community. The Duniway Award is presented at Honors Convocation in Block 8.

Past Duniway Award winners:

  • 2017 Drew Turley
  • 2016 Jamie A. Sarafan
  • 2014 Alexander Langstaff
  • 2013 Keith Drury
  • 2012 Melissa Tran
  • 2011 Laura Utz
  • 2010 Leá Norcross

Elsie L. Joerling Scholarship Fund

The History Department is proud to announce the recipient of the Elsie L. Joerling Scholarship to Rachael Maxwell.

“This scholarship was established in 1990. Elsie Louise Joerling '47 was a caseworker for El Paso County Department of Social Services.  She was a native of Colorado Springs and a graduate of Colorado Springs High School.  Ms. Joerling was a member of the Native Club and a volunteer at the Police Department's Victim Services Unit. In addition to this scholarship, she also left CC her stamp collection.”

 This scholarship is awarded based on financial need to a woman history major.

Past Elsie L. Joerling winners:

  • 2017 Rachael Maxwell
  • 2016 Taylor Wright
  • 2015 Kaimara Herron-July