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Course Schedule

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History Department Course Schedule, 2021-2022

2021 – 2022 Course Schedule – As of May 5, 2021



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Bryan Rommel-Ruiz

HY 200: Topics in History, Atlantic Revolutions, 1688-1804

HY399: Studying History

Chair’s Block




HY 228: American Colonies, 1492-1763

HY 205: US History from Settlement to 1860



Carol Neel





HY/PH350: History & Philosophy Colloquium Imagined Futures


HY274: Medieval Imaginary


HY249/FG247: Women, children, and Men: Families in Historical Perspective


Danielle Sanchez

CC100: The Empires Strike Back

CC120: Pop Culture in Africa






HY 304: Health and Healing in Africa

HY110: Encountering the Past: Reading Graphic Histories

HY200: African Kingdoms, Empires, and Civilizations


Jake Smith

CC100: The Ruins of Modernity


HY111: Berlin, Capital of the Twentieth Century

HY204: Dreamworlds and Nightmares in the Soviet Union



HY202: Fascism and Its Afterlives in Europe



HY324: Haunted Landscapes: History, Memory, and the Built Environment


Jamal Ratchford

RM185: Introduction to the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity

HY110: Encountering the Past: Histories of Race and Film


HY243/RM243: Slavery and Antislavery Movement to 1860



HY/RM244: Black People in the US since the Civil War



HY/RM200: Topics in History: American Sport and Society


Jane Murphy



Worner Professorship Block Release

HY/PS330: Colloquium in History and Political Science
w/Sofia Fenner




John Williams


HY225/PA229: 20th Century China

HY226/PA230: 20th Century Japan





HY110/PA110: Encountering the Past: World War II in Asia

HY399: Studying History




Paul Adler


HY200: Latin America’s Cold War

HY 206: US History Since 1860

HY200: Community Organizing in the 20th Century USA





Purvi Mehta


HY254/RM200 FG206/PA250: History of Gender and Sexuality in South Asia

HY/RM200       PA250: Topics in History - Caste: Histories of Exclusion, Stigma, and  Exploitation

HY253/RM200/ PA250: History of Modern South Asia



HY410: Senior Seminar

HY420: Senior Essay

With Amy Kohout




Tip Ragan

HY/FG307: History of Sex: Traditions,     

HY308/FG306: History of Sex: Modernity,

HY275: The Renaissance and the Reformation: Crisis and Dissent



HY110: Encountering the Past: Roundheads, Regicide, and Reaction during the English Civil Wars, 1625-60 



HY200/MU228/ CO220/FG206: The Age of Romance: Music and History in the 19th Century (with Michael Grace)



John Marquez

(on fellowship)












Amy Kohout

HY217: American Frontiers

(Equity and Power and Historical Perspectives)

CC120: Natural History?: Museums, Collecting, and Display


HY212/EV273: American Environmental History

(Historical Perspectives)



HY410: Senior Seminar

HY420: Senior Essay

With Purvi Mehta














HY200   Topics: Colonial Latin America



HY200/IT320 Art and Power   (In Italy)  


HY200 Topics: Modern Latin America






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