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Nob Hill Patients in front of Lodges
  • Jacob Roschelle - Portraiture of Wilheim Voigt: Memory, Morality, and National Identity -William R. Hochman Winner. 
  • Hope Moody - Fabricating Medical Fact: Indigenous People, Tuberculosis, and White Exceptionalism in Colorado - Duniway Award Winner.
  • Nell Dickey - The Myth of Racial Progress in American Politics: North Carolina, A Cautionary Tale.
  • Nathaniel Blower - Neutral Principles and Some Second Coming Problems.
  • Hanna Ioffe - Teen Spirit v. Repressive Desublimation: A Critical Examination of Seattle's Alternative Music Scene.
  • Ellen Loucks - The Spiritual Integrity of Puritan Community: Youths, Moral Challenge, and Church Discipline.
  • Danny Corrigan - Reframing French Integration and Belonging: Ni Putes Ni Soumises as a War Machine.
  • Charlotte Atkins - The California Missions: Unearthing Stories of Indigenous Resistance.
  • Brice Tucker - Deconstructing the Jazz Canon: From New Orleans to New York City.
  • Arielle Gordon - Ratifying the 1963 Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

Image: Nob Hill Lodge for tuberculoisis patients- Credit to CPSM Story Of Us Arcive
Marie Antoinette
  • Eric Dallesasse - Heads Will Roll: An Analysis of Altered Memory Surrounding Marie Antoinette into the 21st Century - Duniway Award Winner. 
  • Gabriel McGill - The Chronicles of ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Jabarti: Conceptions of Science, Modernity, and Religion in Early 19th Century Egypt - Cosgrove Award Winner. 

  • Mary Kate Maloney - The Construction of the Origins of Clerical Celibacy as a Political Tool.
  • David Henderson - The Second Amendment: Americans Final Defense Against Tyranny.
  • Molly Dunn - Bottled Nationalism: Examining the Chauvinistic Underpinnings of France’s Modern Wine Industry.
  • Alexander Berardinell - The Evolution of Racism in Hockey and the NHL’s Response.
  • Christopher Wilkie - The 1972 Summit Series: Canadian Nationalism and Cultural Identity Through Hockey.
  • Lily Fitzpatrick - Antifeminist Women: 20th Century Traditional Family Values and the American Christian Right.
  • Connor Nolan - The 1919 Race Riots and the Manifestation of the “New Negro” Movement in Chicago.
  • Daniel Feder-Johnson - We’re Gonna Fight Racism with Solidarity’: The Rainbow Coalition in Chicago, 1968-1970.
  • Isabella Lawrence - Out of Time: Photographic Representations of Kabyle Identity.
  • Caitlin Laurence - The Fate of the Hmong: The Interplay of Tribal, National and International Governments in Laotian Civil War.
  • Benedict Wright - Worlds in Tension: Pragmatism and Critical Theory.
  • Robert Schilling - They’ll Pass You By, Glory Days’: Bruce Springsteen and the Runaway American Dream.

Image of Marie Antoinette by Martin van Meytins - provided by Wikimedia 

Patent drawing for J.J. Hentz Bicycle, 1899
  • Jasper Coulter - Copyright and the Evolution of Legal Systems: Assessing the Divergence of American Legal Culture from British Tradition - Cosgrove Award Winner. 

  • Abe Lahr - Authentic History and Narrative Hermeneutics in George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia - Duniway Award Winner. 

  • Truett Davis - Pain Management as a Framework for Understanding the Evolution of Chinese and Western Medicines in the Twentieth Century: Herbs, Opium, and Acupuncture Analgesia.
  • Hailey Dennis - ‘Can We All Get Along?’: A Comparative Study in Print Representation of the Los Angeles Riots of 1992.
  • Joseph Brasch - Strike Won: Comparing Responses within the Federal Government to the 1994-1995 MLB Strike.
  • Ben Israel - Detroit’s Sports and Economy: the 21st Century.
  • Otis Hatfield - American Counterinsurgency Doctrine in Iraq: FM3-24 History in Practice.
  • Jake Chase - Mapping History: Oceans, Empire, and the Age of Commerce.
  • Charlie Britton - Railroads, Romanticism, and the Branding of the Front Range by General William Palmer.
  • Richard Yates - Contours of Class Consciousness: Landscape Representation in the Cripple Creek Strike of 1903-04.
  • Maximillian Vivado - Bloodless Capital: Meat, Politics, and the Rise of the Public Abbatoir in Nineteenth-Century Paris..
  • Will Bemis - The Evolution of the Sicilian Mafia and the Challenges the Sicilian Mafia Presented to United States Democracy in the Twentieth Century.
  • Fleur Pellet - Abby Aldrich Rockefeller: The Shaping of a Modern American Culture.
  • Westin Michaud - How Advanced Technology Vanquished Aztec Civilization in 1521.
  • Catherine Luchars - The Politics of Contestation: Rafael Correa’s Citizen’s Revolution.

Image of patent for J. J. Hentz Bicycle, 1899. Public Domain. 

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History Council

The CC History Council are history majors/minors who meet each block and put on history-themed events that speak to and inform our modern day problems.

2021 - 2020 History Council:

Jane Harris

Turis Jessen

Chili Hopkins

Adrianna Gautreaux 

Quinn Jones

Henry Nichols

Nick Connolly 

More information to come! 

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