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Emeritus Professors

Doug Monroy

Professor Emeritus of History

US Southwest, 20th Century US, Mexico

A native of Los Angeles, Douglas Monroy started at Colorado College in 1978. During his career at CC, he taught courses on twentieth-century US history, the history of the Southwest and its arts and literature, and historiography.

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Dennis Showalter

Professor Emeritus of History
Modern Europe, Modern German Military

Dennis Showalter joined the Department of History in 1969. By the time of his retirement, he had published an impressive body of scholarship, including many prize-winning monographs, edited volumes, and well over one-hundred articles.

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Bill Hochman

Professor Emeritus of History

From war zones to the Mountain West, Colorado College Professor Emeritus of History William “Bill” Hochman has lived an incredibly full, fruitful, and generous life. He started at CC in 1955, and his classes, specifically the legendary Freedom and Authority class, helped form the backbone of CC’s liberal arts education.

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Susan Ashley

Professor Emeritus of History

19th and 20th century European History

Professor Ashley arrived at CC in 1970 after graduating from Carleton College and earning a M.A. and Ph.D. from Columbia University. Susan chaired the History Department at CC twice and served as Dean of the College and Dean of the Faculty from 2005 - 2012. Ashley also directed the ACM Florence and London-Florence programs three times and was the President of the Western Society for French History.

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Peter Blasenheim

Professor Emeritus of History

Latin American and African History

Peter L. Blasenheim taught Latin American and African history at Colorado College from 1973 until 2019. During his time at CC, he chaired the History Department and was a co-chair of the Spanish Department. Professor Blasenheim published several articles on Brazilian history and co-edited a book on Richard Morse, a prominent historian of Latin American intellectual history.

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