Handouts and Health Resource PDFs

Here you'll find a compilation of handouts and online resources filled with content to help you navigate specific health and wellness-related situations. If you don't see what you're looking for, never hesitate to reach out to the Wellness Resource Center staff.

Substance Use Education 

Alcohol/Drug overdose prevention

Never Use Alone: 1-800-484-3731 (call or text); Main – Never Use Alone Inc.

Alcohol and cannabis use screeners

The Risk is in the Mix - Substance Interactions

Strategies for safer cannabis use

Strategies for safer alcohol use

Sexual Assault Response and Support

On campus: Campus Advocate - Phone (M-F 9 am - 5 pm): (719) 227-8101 Email: cluna@coloradocollege.edu, Advocate on call:  (719) 602-0960

Colorado Springs: TESSA of Colorado Springs – Building a Community Without Domestic or Sexual Violence (tessacs.org) 

National: RAINN | The nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization, Network la Red

International: International Sexual Assault Resources | RAINN 

Safer Sex

STI/STD testing: Colorado Springs: Hey719 (free for anyone over 13), Student Health Center or call at 719-389-638, El Paso County Public Health (719) 578-3199

National: National HIV, STD, and Hepatitis Testing, Planned Parenthood Testing Center Info

Mental Health 

Counseling Center hours: Summer Session: 9 am to 4 pm weekdays except for Memorial Day and 4th of July - Call for an appointment at (719) 389-6093, There is a counselor on call 24/7 available for consultation. 

TelehealthColorado College – Virtual Care Group, 855-522-1226 

Colorado SpringsResources | Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention 

Thriving Campus: Colorado College offers a database of off-campus therapists and prescribers in Colorado, either by telehealth or in person.  This database is always being updated and is maintained by a company called "Thriving Campus". You do not need to log in; just follow the link and you can seek different providers through their filters. 

NationalFind Your Local NAMI 
Suicide Prevention (National) (800) 273-TALK (8255) 

COVID and other respiratory diseases advice

Reliable/Quality N95s and KN95s and COVID testsProject N95 - N95 masks, COVID-19 tests, and PPE

COVID-19 Exposure and Isolation Guidelines:

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