Handouts and Health Resource PDFs

Here you'll find a compilation of handouts and online resources filled with content to help you navigate specific health and wellness related situations. If you don't see what you're looking for, never hesitate to reach out to Wellness Resource Center staff.

COVID-19, Flu and Other Timely Info

The Wellness Society's Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook Also check out the other resources available at The Wellness Society.

Managing COVID-19 Anxiety Handout, and Managing COVID19 Anxiety Video

How to Cope with Social Distance Video

Flu Information for the Colorado College Community


Creating a Care Plan

Preparing to Go Home

Types of Self-Care

The Art & Science of Resiliency

Vice's Self-Care Tips for Black People Who Are Struggling

Cultivating Gratitude


Mindful Stress Management Principles & Stress Inventory

Body Scan

Mindful Breathing


Identifying Emotional Signs

Self-Compassion handout

Self-Compassion video

Using Mindfulness to Identify & Transform Thinking Patterns: De-catastrophizing Worksheet

Chaplain's Office Meditative, Contemplative, & Mindfulness Resources

Mental Health

How to Help a Friend

Managing Grief

Challenging Perfectionism

Developing a Stress Mindset Values Exercise

Developing a Stress Mindset Strengths Exercise

How to Choose a Therapist

Journaling Resources

The WRC YouTube Journaling Playlist

Journaling for Healing

Reflecting on Friendships Journaling Exercise

Journaling Prompts on Writing about Challenge, Gratitude, Friendships, and Self-Care/Healing

Supporting Survivors of Trauma & Dating After Abuse Resources

Managing Trauma Exposures

Dating After Abuse Lotus Flower Exercise

Cycle of Violence

Identifying Emotional Signs-Dating After Abuse Version

Supporting Survivors


Understanding Trauma

Trauma-Informed Communities

Toolkit for Coping with Racial Trauma

Me Too Healing Toolkit and Information for Survivors

Social Hosts, Alcohol, and Substance Use

Social Host ID Poster

Social Host Self-Reflection Handout

The Risk is in the Mix--Substance Interactions

Sexual Health and Safety

Ethical Questions About Sex

STI Prevention and Testing

Physical Health

Healthy Exercise and Recognizing Excessive Exercise


Community Immunity: Understanding the Importance of Vaccination

Being a BADASS Active Bystander

Tips for Making Referrals

Making Activism Sustainable

Emotional Self-Evaluation for Sustaining Activism

Halloween Costume Reflection Guide

Being a HealthCare Consumer

Reading and Responding to Medical Bills

How to Choose a Health Insurance Plan

Health Insurance Glossary

WRC Sticker Subscription Archive

Nalgene-with-stickers.jpgBecause we couldn't be together during the 2020-2021 school year, the Wellness Resource Center offered a Sticker Subscription where students received stickers every block along with some information and tips for staying well and healthy.   You can check out the archived subscription here.


 Although we are no longer offering a sticker subscription, we continue to give stickers out as part of our ongoing programming, and we'll always have a selection of stickers when we are outposting around campus with the Well Mobile.


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