Handouts and Health Resource PDFs

Here you'll find a compilation of handouts and online resources filled with content to help you navigate specific health and wellness-related situations. If you don't see what you're looking for, never hesitate to reach out to the Wellness Resource Center staff.


Substance Use Education 

Alcohol/Drug overdose prevention

Never Use Alone: 1-800-484-3731 (call or text); Main – Never Use Alone Inc.

Alcohol and cannabis use screeners

The Risk is in the Mix - Substance Interactions

Strategies for safer cannabis use

Strategies for safer alcohol use

Sexual Assault Response 

On campus: SARC - Phone (M-F 9am-5pm): (719) 227-8101 Email: sarc@coloradocollege.edu, Advocate on call:  (719) 602-0960

Colorado Springs: TESSA of Colorado Springs – Building a Community Without Domestic or Sexual Violence (tessacs.org) 

National: RAINN RAINN | The nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization, Network la Red

International: International Sexual Assault Resources | RAINN 

Safer Sex 

STI/STD testing: Colorado Springs: Hey719 (free for anyone over 13), Student Health Center or call at 719-389-638, El Paso County Public Health (719) 578-3199

National: Get Tested | National HIV, STD, and Hepatitis Testing (cdc.gov), Where Can I Go to Get Tested For STDs? | Testing Center Info (plannedparenthood.org) 

Mental Health 

Counseling center hours: Summer Session: 9 am to 4 pm weekdays except for Memorial Day and 4th of July - Call for an appointment at (719) 389-6093, There is a counselor on call 24/7 available for consultation. 

TelehealthColorado College – Virtual Care Group (thevirtualcaregroup.com), 855-522-1226 

Colorado SpringsResources | Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention 

Thriving Campus: Colorado College offers a database of off campus therapist and prescribers in Colorado, either by telehealth or in person.  This database is always being updated and is maintained by a company called "Thriving Campus".  You do not need to log in, just follow the link and you can seek different types of providers through their series of filters. coloradocollege.thrivingcampus.com  

NationalFind Your Local NAMI | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness, 
Suicide Prevention (National) (800) 273-TALK (8255) 

COVID and other respiratory diseases advice

Reliable/Quality N95s and KN95s and COVID testsProject N95 - Trusted Nonprofit Shop for N95 masks, COVID-19 tests, and PPE

COVID-19 Exposure and Isolation Guidelines: If you were expose - What to Do If You Were Exposed to COVID-19 | CDC   If you are sick - If You Are Sick or Caring for Someone | CDC


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