Holistic Wellness and Self-Care

Holistic wellness recognizes the interconnections between domains of wellness and promotes living integrated lives within the context of a healthy, engaged, and inclusive community.

We can engage in self-care within any of the domains of wellness. Each domain intersects with and impacts the others. Below you'll find examples of different types of self care in each domain of wellness. For more information on navigating mental health and accessing resources, check out our Handouts and Health Resources page.



Associated Self-Care


Lifelong learning; connecting curricular and co-curricular; creativity; critical thinking; supporting academic engagement and success

Read a book; try something new; teach someone how to do something you enjoy


Multi-cultural respect and competence; healthy, respectful interpersonal relationships; values of acceptance, fairness and justice; recognition of the contribution of the community to individual wellness, and vice versa

Learn to say no; spend time with people who make you feel good; model healthy, respectful interpersonal relationships; stand up for yourself and for others around you; volunteer for a social justice cause


Belief system which contributes to a sense of purpose; hope and optimism; sense of belonging

Take time for self-reflection; spend time in nature; find spiritual community; meditate; dance; pray; take yoga; volunteer to help others; foster self-forgiveness


Expression of emotions; stress management; assertiveness; intimacy; balance between interdependency and independence

Express how you feel; laugh; play; practice self-compassion; journal; cuddle with a pet; engage in a daily gratitude practice; affirmations; take time to reflect and notice how you're feeling; work to strike a balance between interdependency and independence


Physical fitness; healthy nutrition; medical awareness and disease prevention; injury prevention; healthy sleep habits

Get enough sleep; exercise; eat healthy; take a walk; dance; turn off your cell phone and pay attention to the physical sensations you experience; enjoy a cup of tea; listen to music


Awareness of and connection to surroundings; safety enhancement; understanding the impact of personal choices; stewardship of resources

Go into nature; feel your feet on the grass; watch the sunset; volunteer to pick up trash


Purposeful and rewarding career; financial stability and planning; household management skills

Save money for the future; practice a skill that might help you in your chosen career; reflect on what activities give you a sense of purpose and then do that

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