CCSGA Standards

The Colorado College Student Government Association (CCSGA) is concerned with recognizing and overseeing the budget processes of student organizations on campus. Per CCSGA policy, students who wish to found a new student organization or renew the charter of an existing one must work with a faculty or staff member as their advisor. The Wellness Resource Center serves as the advising entity for a number of student organizations focused on mental health, sexual violence prevention and response, substance use education, health promotion, and other matters related to well-being. See the Policy and Protocols for WRC Student Organizations page for more information about starting an advising relationship between the WRC and your student org. Once you have been approved to work under the WRC umbrella, you can go on to complete the application to become a newly recognized student organization under CCSGA policy.

Students wishing to apply for CCSGA student organization chartership should consult these resources:

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