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The WRC is the supervising office for a range of student organizations that work on topics like mental health promotion, health education, and sexual violence response and prevention. Check out the descriptions below for more information about our different groups and what they do!

Student Organization for Sexual Safety (SOSS) is a student coalition of passionate allies, survivors, and advocates who are dedicated to creating a healthy and safe sexual climate, as well as shifting the culture on Colorado College's campus towards ending sexual violence. We tackle issues through varied and intersectional lenses such as rape culture, sexual assault, rape, intimate partner violence, and other forms of abuse and trauma, while also celebrating and promoting healthy, pleasurable, and consensual intimate experiences. SOSS provides students with a platform to question and understand the intricacies of these issues and the ways in which they influence our community.
The Student Trauma-Informed Advocacy Resource Team (STARTis a student-led group that provides a safe space for students who are part of a Title IX investigation, thinking about pursuing a Title IX case, or generally affected by sexual violence, where they can seek advice and conciliation in a confidential setting. START members are trained to provide resources and information to students regarding the Title IX process, and other alternative processes within and outside the school. START is committed to serving and welcoming all members of our community, including, but not limited to: the LGBTQIA+ community; people of all ethnicities or races; people of all socioeconomic backgrounds; people of all abilities; and people of all faith backgrounds.
NAMI on Campus works to end the stigma that makes it hard for students to talk about mental health and get the help they need. We hold creative meetings, innovative awareness events, and offer signature NAMI programs through partnership with NAMI Colorado Springs. Our goal is to educate the campus community and advocate for improved mental health services and policies on campus.

Morgan’s Message at Colorado College is a student-athlete led, mental-health advocacy group. We provide members and the greater athletic community with resources, ways to navigate the world of college athletics, and strategies to help teammates. We aim to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health in our athlete community, by conducting meetings and organizing dedication games/events to bring awareness to mental health topics and engage the entire CC student body.

IfYoureReadingThis hosts open letters of support from students and faculty at Colorado College who share personal stories about their own mental health. We publish the letters with the hope that if someone views the website and sees the face of a peer expressing similar struggles, they feel a connection and find solace in that moment. We hope this creates an understanding that CC community members have supportive people surrounding them, that we are not alone, and that there is never shame in seeking help. 

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