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Sobriety at CC

How We Support Sobriety

We encourage students who are interested in staying sober during their college career to connect with other students interested in the same thing. Trying out different student organizations is a great way to find sober people, as well as connecting with classmates or other students in your residence hall over activities that don't involve substances. There are also some spaces in residence halls that aim to be substance-free. If you are not already in one of these communities, consider applying on your next housing application!

CC also hosts plenty of events on weekends to provide alternatives to partying. All students receive the Weekend Digest in their CC email inboxes on a weekly basis as well as the Block Break Digest toward the end of each block. These digests contain tons of college-hosted and local community events! To stay up to date on what's going on around CC, follow the CC Campus Activities Facebook page:

Semesterly Sober Celebration

Every semester, the WRC hosts a dinner to discuss and celebrate sobriety at CC!

There are many people on campus who choose not to use substances or take good care to moderate their use. We want to recognize the sober-conscious members of our community with a celebratory catered dinner and discussion of personal experiences at CC and what the institution can do to better support sobriety. Whether you are sober, in recovery, curious about sobriety, or just want to show your support, come join us for the night!

This celebration is open to all students, staff, and faculty interested in supporting sobriety on campus.

The next sober celebration is tentatively set for March 6th, 2020, time and location TBA.

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